Wednesday, August 23, 2006

The Last Hurrah

I promise my blogging will be better.....I just have to get through the rest of this week and into next!

This is major transition time for me. School for me started last week and working 4-5 hours in every morning, tends to put a cramp in the schedule, leaving very little time for serious things like blogging or doing laundry. Ok, Ok...I know laundry isn't really serious but I put that in so that the hubby would know that I am actually thinking about getting that done...Eventually.

Next week is the full week back to school for the kids. We only get a taster this Friday in preparation for the full course next week...That's when the fun will begin.

This summer has been fantastic. I cannot believe that it is over.

So I will be blogging a little less until I get used to the new schedule and can organize my computer time. Tomorrow the kids and I are spending the entire day together so look for an update on Friday afternoon when I have come home for lunch and realize my house is empty!

This year is bound to be better than last year when I found myself eating Snickers bars and drinking lemonade after picking the kids up from school. But you never know.

Below are some pictures of a baby doll blanket I made for The Girl this week and then had a request for a matching pillow. It was my first attempt at quilting...So don't look too close!