Saturday, August 05, 2006

New Cardio

Normally I keep my weekends 'blogger free', but to make up for my lack of posting this week I decided to post on a Saturday.

I stumbled across these Crazy treadmill guys. Normally on Saturday mornings my running partner and I would have already been done with our long weekend run but she's currently on a mission trip. When we can't get together on a Saturday I usually just do the treadmill. After seeing this video I am inspired. Instead of just running this morning I think I will try to make up choreography and start doing this when she and I can't get together. :)



Blue Skies said...

good one Kellie! Thanks for that link. This morning I did 6 miles with my running group by the bay - beautiful. My boring weekday workouts on the treadmill would be much much more interesting with these guys in the gym!

Anonymous said...

HAA! I laughed so loud that my hubbie came to see what was so funny! He enjoyed it too. KHB