Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Jumping in with Both Feet

I do believe I have sufficiently recovered from our camping trip! Whew! That is one weekend I am glad is over!

This has been a great week. It's good to be back at work. The best part is getting to know the other teachers a bit. I started in the middle of the year last year so it's nice to have this week (and next) to get to know everyone better.

I always seem to get more accomplished when I know that time is limited and must be maximized. It motivates me to do what I need to do. Summertime is good for an abundance of time but isn't so great for efficient use of that time. It was good to be unstructured for a time....But it's time to jump back in.


Lara said...

AAAAAAHHHHHHHH Pics like this make me want to puke! I HATE HEIGHTS!

Sam McConnell said...

I love 'em. I say BRING 'EM ON... Kellie, sorry to use your blog to have an arugment with my aunt Lara... By the way, come check out pics of me at Hope you are and the family are doing well.

Anonymous said...

I'm tired of looking at your already!!!! J/K K2