Thursday, August 03, 2006


I took a bit of a sabbatical from blogging.

I had told myself that I needed to fold the ever growing pile of laundry that was accumulating on the guest bed before I could blog. It didn't happen on Tuesday. It didn't happen on Wednesday. Today I was going through some serious I kicked my own rear and did what needed to be done.

I did my work. Now I can play.

Of course now it's time to cook supper.

In the meantime, go take a look at the newest member of our blogger's Circle of Friends.

La Vida Loca is a spin off of my blog by my much more mature friend. She is the older blond sister I always needed but never met until about 7 years ago. I love her for many reasons. Here are a few:

1. Being a lactation guru and R.N., she has actually seen me at my best breastfeeding self and at my current "can I borrow your 11 year olds trainer?" self...and she only brings it up when she really needs to.

2. Although she is not really that old, I tease her incessantly about her age...and she takes it graciously because she knows it means I love her.

3. She always buys me lunch when we are together. A residual effect from the days when I really didn't have any money...Please don't tell her that times have changed...I like my lunches.

So, that is my friend and new addition to the side link of blogs I currently read.

Tomorrow I will have more to post...unless the floors don't get cleaned....JUST KIDDING!


Lara said...

Thank God...I thought I was going to have to blow my budget and hire you a maid! Now find something else to give up before Lent comes around or I'm going to have to come up there and pummel you!