Sunday, June 25, 2006

Random Question - June

For your birthday, your aunt gave you a maple syrup dispenser shaped like a rooster. Please write her a thank-you note:


Dear Auntie,
Thank you so much for the beautiful rooster syrup dispenser. I have always wanted one just like that.

Actually I saw one once at a boutique, in a little town I vacationed in called Roosterville, and I wanted to buy it. But, just as I was opening my wallet to pay for my rooster, a hen walked in. She looked at my dispenser on the checkout counter and started to cluck very loudly, was crying profusely and making a scene. I tried to comfort this chicken and asked if she was OK.

Apparently my dispenser looked just like her husband of 10 years who had recently had the misfortune of meeting a door-to-door salesman by the name of Sanders. He was duped into believing that if he followed this grey haired salesman to to his office that he would be given $250 dollars for listening to a "talk" about his new business. This was an attractive deal to this fine rooster because he desperately wanted to buy his beautiful birdie bride a sky rise coop in the most coveted neighborhood.

Unfortunately this rooster followed Sanders all the way to Kentucky where he found out that he was actually a Colonel in an unidentified army who liked to serve roosters with a side of mashed potatoes.

After hearing this sad tale I felt horrible for this widowed chicken and decided I would gladly give up my rooster maple syrup dispenser(even though it was the most beautiful thing I had ever laid my eyes on and I desperately wanted it for myself)...I bought a cow dispenser instead.

Having the rooster dispenser is a much wanted addition to my collection. If in the future you see one in the shape of a pig or a sheep please buy it and I will pay you back.

Thanks again for the gift..You are always so thoughtful.


Now, if you feel so inclined, it's your turn...write your thank you notes in the comment section...I like to hear from you!


Lisa said...

We can only assume that this thoughtful aunt does not have the address to this blog.

Lara said...

Lisa and her friend Christa were the masters of wild stories...I'm sure she can come up with a GREAT letter to said Aunt! :) Although being a compulsive declutter her overwhelming urge at this point would be to just take it straight to the goodwill and be done with it! Giving the confused blank look when asked about it later :) Rooster syrup dispenser? Are you sure you gave it to me?

Unknown said...

Sweet Lisa,

The Aunt and all the other characters in this story are all fictitous...well, except the chicken. I did actually meet her once when she walked into a bar...

No, just kidding!!!

I think I may need to lay off the Passion Fruit teas for awhile! They makes me giddy!

HOnestly I found this question on the Blogger random question generator because I was suffering from a bit of bloggers block...but I think I am back!


Bec said...

I loved all my birthday gifts and can't wait to dive into my new sisterchicks book