Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Father's Day and Family Fun

My posting time has been considerably lacking but all is well. For those of you who were worried with all the news of Arizona being on fire, worry no more. The fires are in Sedona which is a good drive from here. Unfortunately, this is the desert and fires often happen at this time of year.
We have been having a great time swimming and hanging out with friends and family. On Father's Day we were all here and two of my cousins stopped by as well. They are fun gals and I learned two things while they were here: 1. Playing the game "can you fit through a coat hanger" is slightly humiliating but extremely funny. 2. Playing with cardboard boxes is still more fun than many fine toys.

My "little" brother gave The Boy a hair cut which in many ways is sort of like a passing of a baton. The Boy is the spitting image of Dan when he was 8 years old.Dan continues to wear his hair the same way. It works for him.

That's the scoop!