Monday, June 12, 2006

First Official Day of Summer

Today is the first official day of summer!

Seems like just yesterday I was sadly posting about the end of summer and the beginning of an empty (daytime) nest.

Here is a poem that describes my feelings all year and makes me anticipate the weeks ahead...

I like 'em in the winter when their cheeks
are slightly pale,
I like 'em in the spring time when the March winds
blow a gale.
But when summer suns have tanned 'em and
they're racing to and fro,
I somehow think the children make the finest
sort of show.
When they're brown as little berries and they're
bare of foot and head,
And they're on the go each minute where the
velvet lawns are spread,
Then their health is at its finest and they never
stop to rest,
Oh, it's then I think the children look and are
their very best.
We've got to know the winter and we've got to
know the spring,
But for children, could I do it, unto summer I
would cling;
For I'm the happiest when I see 'em, as a wild
and merry band
Of healthy, lusty youngsters that the summer
sun has tanned.
- Edgar A Guest

On a side note: 48 hours from now I will be arriving in the arid Sonoran Desert where the current temperature is predicted to be 108! Perfect!


Lisa said...

OOOOHHHHH! I am sooooo jealous! I would love to be in an arid 108...let me tell you...humidity see ya later

Anonymous said...

We're gonna miss your little brown kiddos! Maybe we'll be well by the time you get back so we can enjoy the rest of summer with y'all!

Lara said...

Gee what keen mind introduced you to the great poet Edgar A Guest? :)

Bec said...

OH my it is 100 here with cacti bring your little brown kiddos to Texas :)