Friday, June 02, 2006

How do spell V-a-c-a-t-i-o-n?

12 days from right now I will be in the warm sunny desert sitting by the side of the pool with the kiddos, eating a Popsicle and feeling good.

One of the many highlights of going home this summer is going to see my new nephew, Lil Fil, and playing with my niece Maliah. It's always fun to have some time with little kids whom you love like your own...But can give back when your tired. Being and Aunt must feel a bit what it is like when you are a grandparent...Only you can still remember vividly those sleepless nights...Which make you a bit more cautious.

As I blog in the coming weeks of our adventures in Arizona you will most likely see more of them. They are pictured below.

So the countdown to our Trek to the Southwest has begun! I can't wait!

To completely change the subject...Did any one watch the last bit of the Scripps Spelling Bee last night?

Oh the tension was unbearable!! I felt awful for those kids who missed it by like one letter...Come on, I mean some of those words needed to drop a letter of two anyway. When it was over part me just felt like I needed to go open my dictionary and stare at it for a few minutes...But then I decided to forget it...That's what spell check is for....The other part of me wondered what these kids do for fun...I mean what are they going to do for fun this summer? Other than experiencing weltschmerz (: a mood of sentimental sadness; Merriam-Webster Dictionary) from all those words floating around in their head.

I think I need a vacation.