Friday, March 03, 2006

Spring Fresh

In the last few months when I put Kona's collar on I noticed that she smelt perfumey.

I couldn't figure out what was going on...or how we lucked out getting a dog whose odor was "spring fresh."

But I figured it out recently...I was doing laundry and Kona came over and stuck her head in the Dryer...I wasn't really paying attention to her but when I turned around I saw that she had pulled the fabric softener sheet (that I had just thrown into the dryer) out and placed it on the kitchen rug. Then she used her teeth and paws to smooth it out and make it flat on the the ground. Then she proceeded to roll around on it...Making herself spring fresh! Then she tore up the sheet, again using her teeth and paws, and then left the remains all over the kitchen floor. Too bad she can't learn to pick up the scraps and place them in the garbage that sits two feet away. Of course I haven't yet figured out how to get my 2 kids trained on how to do this, so I might be pushing it with the dog.

This knowledge solves a mystery in our house. It turns out Kona has been sneaking up stairs.

When I do laundry I take the clothes fresh and warm from the dryer and then I take them upstairs to the guest bedroom where I fold them and then put them away. When I get super busy the clothes sit on the bed for a couple of days. I was trying to figure out how in the world those fabric softener sheets would manage to get downstairs and shredded on the rug. Now I know...She was sneaking upstairs (she is usually confined to the kitchen and living room) and bringing her "ode de doggie" sheets to the kitchen.

As if laundry and pet ownership weren't already a thorn in my side... the dog stealing my fabric softner might be the final straw...

I shouldn't complain...this is a great improvement from rolling in poop.


Truck said...

Dear Kona, what are you thinking? Are you getting soft? You know poop is the only ingredient (especially if enhanced by rain) that will give you that distinctive "I am here--notice me" kind of odor. Come on, Kona, and get your act together!