Saturday, March 18, 2006

A Coffee Kellie

Last Weekend when I woke up it was beautiful outside. A fog had rolled in and it was actually warm outside...around 63 degrees. Perfect running weather. This picture was taken right before my running partner and i went running. By the time we got back the fog had mostly burned off and left a shiny glistening dew that sparkled in the sun. Great early morning coffee weather!

Then the day was perfect. The kids and I planted seeds last week and they are sprouting like crazy. So in the next few week i hope to give a glimpse of our little garden. And if things go well, those of you who live nearby will have to come over for a big salad.

Also several of you have asked how I am liking my job. And in short...I LOVE IT! I don't have much time to expound right now but things are going well and I feel thankful that the right job was given to me at just the right time...La Vida Dulce.