Monday, March 27, 2006

Spring Break: Part 2

On Friday morning we arrived at our camp site and went for our hike. WHen we got back to the site I tackled my job of setting up the tent. It was very cold and the snow was on the wet side. It wasn't sleet but it wasn't exactly totally snow yet either. It was coming down hard and everyone was getting wet and cold and it was looking a little bleak. We didn't want to abandon things but we couldn't just stand around there either. The snow started to come down hard and we realized that a fire or cooking dinner while being pelted with wet snow wasn't going to work...nor did we have a shelter to stand under to opted to leave the tent at camp for the night, find a hotel, and hope for the best the next day. It was a good call. It snowed all night leaving camp with 3 inches of beautiful white fluffy snow. Here are a few pictures of the camp when we arrived:


Lara said...

Did you guys by any chance walk through a wardrobe to get to your tent? It sure looks like you were in Narnia. Did anyone see the white witch?