Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Random Poll Participants

The following is a reply to those who commented on the Random poll for this month. I have to say...the participants took this poll very seriously and did very fine research:

Blaw: Your sacrifice of 9 WW points shows the depths of our friendship....I am honored! I am so sorry that you cannot tell the difference between colors...that is a very sad thing. As far as the spring colors, I like them because they all have a taste similar to the yellow ones...which makes me happy...that's my story and I am sticking with it! ;)

lara: You re-arrange your eggs for balance? And you think I am anal retentive? And what is your M&M order...I also eat them in order, starting with the red (if The Girl isn't around to eat them for me) to get them out of the way...Because I don't like the way they case I hadn't mentioned that.

Anonymous (aka-Mom & Dad): I could just picture you running to the Circle K! And the Mister and I laughed out loud imagining you explain the green M&M phenomenon to Dad. I appreciate your thoroughness in this "very scientific experiment" but I have to say that you may have to be withdrawn from the final tally because you are grandparents...I think becoming a grandparent makes your taste buds unable to differentiate between colors and forces your taste buds to side with the grandchildren...I will work on that Creme puff test!


Lara said...

First I organize the m & m 's by color. Then I take the pile that has the most m and m's and eat them till I reach the least common denominator. When I finally have equal amounts of all colors I usually eat the brown first, (I don't like them) then I eat whatever colors don't make a stop light. Then I sit and try to remember the order a stop light goes in. Give up an pop them all in my mouth except the greens (they are my favorite). Man are my rituals getting more complicated or what? I obviously don't have time to eat M and M's often :)

Blaw said...

Maybe if you ate the red ones and the yellow ones at the same time that would balance out the taste for you.
You know, I think I will head to that candy machine and try the test again. You know my masters research class did teach me something... so I am off to follow up on my double blind randomized control study. TTYL