Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Psychosomatic Itching

I can't stop itching!

Having chicken pox in the house reminds me of the many chicken pox stories I have heard over the years.

For instance, in college I was a nanny for a family with 4 children. One year the 5 year old came home with chicken pox on Thanksgiving weekend and proceeded to pass it down to the siblings. Of course nobody got it at the same time, one child would get it and then every 14 days another child would start popping out with pox. That sweet family literally had chicken pox in their home from Thanksgiving weekend until after Christmas. Yikes!

Then there was my friend in Texas who never got the chicken pox as a child. She was planning a wedding in her home town and didn't feel well. On the morning of her wedding she woke up and was covered in chicken pox! She spent her honeymoon on a tropical island covered in sores, feeling awful and more than a little bummed.

My oldest brother got them when he was 15 (or so) years old and it was really horrible.

My youngest brother broke his clavicle in a accident and while in a sling to reset the bone he began to start itching.

I was a more fortunate than the stories above. I had them as a little kid with only a few pox marks and, according to my mom, was not really bothered.

So as I sit here and scratch my psychosomatic itching I have to remind my self that I have been exposed more times to chicken pox than most people...So stop scratching already!