Monday, March 27, 2006

Spring Break: Part 3

Most people I know choose to spend there spring break getting away from the cold weather. Leave it to me to find cold weather on our break.

The good news is that the kids had wanted to see real snow since the first day we pulled out those warm winter sweaters and crawled into my electric heating blanket. I am glad that they got there wish...even if it wasn't in winter but on the 5th day of Spring.

We decided to brave the night on Saturday night. This decision was made because we weren't entirely ready to go home yet, but also because I was determined to use those new sleeping bags we had just purchased at Target the day before!

We did all the camping requirements. We roasted Marshmallows and had smores. We used the wonderful camping latrines, which were very clean but have niether heat nor hot water, and of course you have to go immediately when you feel your bladder getting even the tiniest bit full...there is no waiting until you are doing the pee-pee dance because it takes you 20 minutes to take all those layers and jackets off...this was worse for me becasue I was wearing ski bibs.

I also had cowboy coffee. Which wakes you up and makes you feel like climbing the highest tree and jumping from branch to branch like a flying quirrel. It was wonderful.

This entry opens with a picture from the end of our trip. We were able to stop at a spot that looks over a portion of the Smoky Mountains. The sun was starting to peak out as the clouds finally moved on. It was beautiful.

We are glad to be home and now we have 5 days ahead of us without having to pack lunch or get up early or find matching socks...

The sun is shining and I am in my warm house. Now all I have to worry about is getting to the bottom of this pile of "camping" laundry and getting on my treadmill. As if camping in a spring snow storm wasn't enough adventure for my spring break I am also running a 5k next Saturday which, for the most part, I am totally unprepared. It's not that I can't run 3.3 miles but this course is all up-hill. Which may be a now I will spend this next week training like crazy so I don't embarass (or hold back) my running partner on Saturday morning...which ironically enough, is April Fool's Day.