Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Change of Plans

If I could give this Spring Break Holiday a new name I would call it:

"Change of Plans"

Our original plans for last weekend wasn't a mountain plan but a beach plan. Our trip was planned as a trip with friends, but our friends caught the awful bug that has been going around and so we changed plans.

Then of course when we got to the mountain we made decisions every day in which we
"Changed the plans".

When we got home from our trip our friends had there own "change of plans" so yesterday I spent the day looking up things to do in and around town, and like a fool who hasn't learned, made more plans.

I had planned to sleep in this morning but at 5:45 The Girl crawled in bed with me and said she didn't feel good. I noticed last night that she was flush in the face and thought she might look a bit feverish but I decided she was wind blown from the weekend. She awoke not feeling right but couldn't explain what was wrong. She said she was thirsty. So we got up and went downstairs in search of a glass of water. She complained that her shoulder itched "really bad".

This is when I lifted up her shirt and noticed that her back was full of chicken pox.

So...this is the plan...we are quarantined to the house for the next 7-10 days.

It probably is the best time to get chicken pox since our friends are out of town, and the zoo is two hours away, and the museum is actually pretty expensive...

I did think it was funny though this morning when I told the kids we could plan on renting movies this afternoon off of the cable provider (it's cheaper and more convenient than renting from a store) but when I went to purchase the Wallace and Gromitt rental I was told that the movie rental option was closed down for the day due to...

..."planned" maintenance.



Lara said...

When Gracie is at the height of her pox capacity I expect a picture! Emma is dying to know what she looks like!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Chicken Pox. I had them when I was three. Hope her experience isn't too bad. Just out of curiosity, did she get "the shot" when she was a baby? Anna did but I've heard that you can still get a mild case of them sometimes. Still love your blog. It's a great way to keep up with you.