Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Work In Progress: Creative Accouterment

If you sat in the chair that sits behind the work table in my office, this is what you'd see:

Yarn for my current (long-term) project on the ironing board, stacked on borrowed books (on crochet)...for the next project.

Google eyes - because a crafter's studio is never complete without them.

The brightly colored washcloths are for an Easter project. If you look carefully behind that coffee cup you can see it's dark pink ears poking through (tutorial to come.) Also for this project: rubber bands, plastic eggs and poof balls.

Speaking of bunnies....There is another bunny of the white-paper-kind hidden somewhere in the photo. Can you find him? (Origami tutorial also to come)

If you are expecting a package from me...its in the mail. Literally. Whew! I hope its everything you wanted and more, even if it wasn't when you wanted it.

Tucked between the table and the plastic eggs are the chenille stems in pastel colors...I bought them for no other reason than the fact that they were beautiful (and calling to me like a long-lost child). Also, I really enjoying saying the words: chenille stems. Love that.

The pink hat is a commissioned piece and I now I must do the hardest part of the whole project, deciding which flowers to adorn it with...really, its tough to decide.

So that is a snapshot of my early Wednesday morning. Must go wake up those kiddos and get todays party started. Which unfortunately has nothing to do with my office, or art supplies, or crafting of any kind...unless you happen to find some sort of creative inspiration from the Punic Wars and ancient Roman armor.

In that case, you'll need a lot more google eyes and chenille stems.

Happy day!


Anonymous said...

oo love seeing all of your crafting projects out :-) Can't wait to for the tutorials :-)