Friday, April 08, 2011

Quitter: This Time I REALLY Mean It - I Think

Sometime at the beginning of the year I cut out these fabric strips in hopes that I would make a table runner for my formal dining room.

I keep meaning to tell you that I finished it!

It had been on my queue for so long and truthfully, I was procrastinating.

I enjoy making the quilt tops but I have never had a quilt-binding process come out successfully. Or at least, I had never done binding without a great deal of cussing.

My friend (and talented quilter) came over for lunch and (wanting desperately to finish) I asked her to help me. So she WILLINGLY showed me how to do this process the right way. Which included learning how to pin things together correctly. This required being on the floor kneeling over all the fabric and batting.

Did I mention my friend was nine-months pregnant? I felt slightly guilty about that... obviously guilt is not a good motivator in my life for doing the right thing. Especially when it comes to completing sewing projects.

However, now when I look at this table-runner I have happy memories of our time I guess it's a win-win situation - especially for me.

After this project I had decided that I wasn't gifted in the arena of quilt making and that I was officially going to be a quilt quitter. 

Actually I say that after all the quilts I make, and I've made a few wonky looking blankets that are kind of like ugly-ducklings: Loved for their charm and the work put into them, not so much for the outward appearance. 

But now that I know how to bind them correctly (and I have a new walking-foot for my machine) I'm gonna try again.

Exhibit A:

These are Log Cabin blocks.

I have a baggillion scraps from various projects so my hope is to make a scrap-quilt. These blocks are SUPER easy. Here is a great tutorial if you are interested.
I made a practice one (the pink), And then I made another one in browns/greens. I think I will dig through the stash boxes and see what I can come up with... Anyone interested in doing a Log Cabin Quilt over the summer? We could slowly and surely work on it and then have a day (in the fall) when we all reveal our new quilts?

All righty! I've GOT to hit the elliptical this morning. I have continued to eat like I am on vacation since my trip to NYC three weeks ago. If I don't stop I am going to have to quilt myself a new pair of jeans, because the ones I put on yesterday were so-very-tight that I ended up wearing lounge-pants all day.  

Eating sensibly'll have to wait until after lunch though... I've got company coming for lunch, and it is my duty as a hospitable southern woman to serve BALT's (bacon/avocado/lettuce/tomato/sandwiches) without worries of the waistline.

(Oh, and also, there will be homemade cookies. I am not sure which kind of homemade cookie - but I'm leaning toward these: Click here.)

....jeans shmeans.

Happiest of Fridays to you!


Anonymous said...

o love how your table runner turned out!! It looks wonderful!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful table runner! Happy Friday to you! By the way, thank you for the lovely home-made gift...I LOVE it!

Gretchen said...

Ooooh, me! Pick me! I'd lurve to do a lc quilt. I just need to actually prioritize the time. But why not now? Course, I'm 16 behind you, it seems.

Gretchen said...

I almost purchased the exact same fabric (stripe and paisley) at Hobby Lobby this week. LOVE it!!!

Turned out beautiful, Kellie!