Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Happy Easter!

He is Risen Indeed!

The most wonderful thing about Easter is that it last's all year long.

There is much joy in the risen Lord! How sad that we celebrate it fully just one time a year!

Our day was beautiful. Since I had been sick the entire week before, it wasn't quite as organized or elaborate as we do each year, but we got in all the activities that we like to do together as a family.

There was cookie decorating...
The Boy was a slap-and-dash kind of decorator. The Girl more the Artiste.
(She would also like me to note that she is using her robe as a smock, so as to not get her nice shirt dirty.)

and egg finding...

 and sparkly new clothes.

There was not one, but TWO meals on outside on the deck.

And there was candy....

This year our little family had done something together that I hadn't told you about:

As a family we gave up candy for lent.

I have to tell you I couldn't have been more proud of my children.

They decided on their own that they would join The Mister and I on our 40-day fast, and I am fairly certain that I couldn't  have done it without them. This topic deserves an entire post so I will save it for later in the week.

Needless to say, there was A LOT of candy on Easter morning...way more than we have done in the past.

There was also the photo The Mister takes every year...the one of me taking pictures.

However, this year, the picture makes me laugh extra hard! It's like ode to my favorite things: I've got my fave t-shirt, and extra large reindeer pajama pants; a bottle of water tucked under my arm and an 18 oz. coffee mug in my hand....and the video camera.

I did actually get to wear my Easter dress.

I hope you had a wonderful weekend!


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful Easter! Yay on the giving up candy for Lent that would have been really tough over here! The kids look beautiful and handsome (respectively) but my favorite pictures are the last two.. very real and you look beautiful :-)

Blue Skies said...

sounds so nice! So, after no candy for 40 days, did the candy "sit well"? We've been decreasing candy availability in the hopes that it affects moods positively. The great side effect is that they now get stomach aches when they eat more than a little.

Kim said...