Wednesday, April 20, 2011

For the Birds

Good mornin'!

I'm feeling a bit giddy this morning. Not sure if its the end of the second (18 oz) cup of coffee, or if its the copious amounts of decongestants I am currently taking....either way, I'm certain this post is about to be wide open and a bit unpredictable.

For instance, my chest is on fire.

Not literally on fire, but I have this horrible cough that has worsened each day. I sound like I've been smoking since I was 10. (And, please mom and dad, lets not go into that story when I tried smoking when I was 10 - the boys made me do it.)

Actually, I was more like 15 and I totally blamed my brothers. But here's the deal, they were 10 and 13 years old, and not smart enough to hide the evidence, so they got caught. Knowing they might rat me out, I confessed.

Plus, I didn't really smoke anyway. I didn't inhale.

I have cancelled all outings for today in an attempt to get well.

I should have done that yesterday, but I had to get the kids Easter clothes.

I love having both a girl and boy. Shopping for clothes is a comedy routine in action. The Girl is going from rack to rack, mixing and matching every combination of skirt and tops. She wonders if she should choose something more dressy, or go with something more spring-like so she can wear it more often.

The Boy walks over to two racks within arms reach of each other. He chooses a pair of cargo pants with one hand and a polo with another. Neither one match, nor are in his size, but he throws it in the cart and says, "This'll work, cuz i can ride my bike in these and not get too hot."

At this point The Girl walks up, her hands filled with 18 items of clothing and begins to let her brother know that those shorts, (although grey in color) has a "green tinge to it and simply won't work with that shirt."

This is where eye rolling commences.

I was dying with laughter, and my hackers cough.

We managed to get The Boy sorted out and purchased everything we needed. I am certain they will both look very nice for Easter Sunday.

Whelp, this post is kind of getting long, but I just have to share with you this new App my friend told me about last weekend: Chirp! Lite

Its a bird calling app and I can't be certain, but I think I may now be in a relationship with an Eastern Townee (or E.T.) He looks a lot like this:

(Photo by PIWO)

I do know that this sweet bird and I are on speaking terms because for the last four mornings I have taken my breakfast outside and used the app to call to E.T., and he flies to the tree in front of our home, and talks back!

I will admit, it feels a little scandalous to be talking with birds during the season of twitterpation (what movie does that word come from?) but the birds really do talk back.

Another free app I am really enjoying (and its also a website) is MyFitnessPal. Y'all know that I have struggled in the past with body image and food issues, but the truth is that I have put on a few pounds and my clothes are snug. It was time to find some accountability and get back into shape.

My friend (and accountability partner!) told me about MyFitness Pal and I have been keeping track for the last week or so and I LOVE it. My goal is to loose 1/2 - 1 pound per week. This is very slow, but I don't want to make myself crazy I just want to get back on track. If you happen to be a MFP user, my account name is: LVCG.

All righty, its time for some oatmeal and to hang out with E.T.

Happy Wednesday!


O Mom said...

and I want the birdie app....they are not amused by my attempts to talk with them. ha!

Gretchen said...

Feel better, soon, LVCG. So itching to quilt with you.

Happy Passion Week.