Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Happy Tuesday after Mothers Day!

I know I am two days late, but Happy Mothers Day!

This week is chock-full o'activity and I have 15 minutes to type at you....here I go!

My mother's day was wonderful.

I got up, had coffee, watered my plants and generally enjoyed quiet all morning.

I'm not ashamed to tell you that I do not go to church on Mom's Day.


Well, I get up at a very early hour every single morning.  Even on Saturdays because there is always a game, or project, or something going on.

Plus, I'm no spring-chick, so sleeping-in tends to be elusive.

Anyway, I am ALWAYS going, going, going.

For the most part I don't mind, but on Mother's Day, I take a day of rest. I don't have to be preened over or served or coddled. I just don't want to have to rush.

The kids slept in till after nine, so I enjoyed three solid hours on the deck in the chilly morning. I read and then I painted my toenails pink. The Mister offered to make me breakfast, but not being ready for anything more solid than my pot of french roast, I declined.

My generous and fun neighbor, Helen, was puttering in her exquisite flower garden so I meandered over (still in my pajama's) to give her a Mother's Day hug. As we chatted she was cutting blooms from the bush that were bigger than life, making a bouquet.

I didn't realize it was for me.

Sometime later that handsome groom of mine left to teach his Sunday school class. Eventually I made myself an egg with a side of toast and blackberry jam. Oh, and hot coffee. There must always be fresh hot coffee.

I enjoyed breaking my fast with the sounds of a North Carolinian morning, under the shadow of my rose and peony bouquet.


Later I opened my gifts.

This is my surprised look. The card has a picture of my gift which is on back order. Details to come.

We ate leftover pizza for lunch, and headed to the strawberry patch to pick 12 pounds of strawberries.

I specifically picked the patch that was close to a Sonic (we don't have one near our home) and we all had cream-slushes.

Then I came home, put my pj's back on, and sat myself down in my deck chair and called my mom. We talked at length about everything and nothing. We planned what we will do together next weekend. (I'll be in Tucson for 48 hours for a wedding.)

Then I crocheted while watching The Wedding Planner, my iPod propped up on my knees.

The kids played in the yard, while The Mister finished the treehouse.

Everybody made themselves their own dinner. We call it a FFY night : Fend For Yourself.

I rested, felt loved, and kept my family close.

It was a magnificent day.


Jolanthe said...

Zachary is looking over my shoulder at the pictures on your blog and asked, "Can they come back over? Sometime I want to go to their house!"

The Lord Family said...

What a LOVELY mother's day! Those flowers are gorgeous. Which patch did y'all pick your berries?

whimzie said...

Sounds like a blissful Mother's Day to me! Glad you enjoyed yourself. I'm still trying not to be "wicked" jealous of your upcoming events this week. Trying is not doing, Yoda.

Elizabeth said...

That really does sound like the perfect Mother's Day. You sound so content when you write about it! I hope the strawberries are as yummy as I imagine!

Amy said...

That's my perfect Mother's Day! So glad you enjoyed your day!

O Mom said...

This almost brings tears to my eyes. It is the exact way I like to spend Mothers day, relaxed and a few moments of quiet to just let the realization that I am a Mom sink in and feel completely satisfied with life.

Tracey said...

Ditto Amy's comment! What a lovely day!

I especially enjoyed the double PJs time! :D

Anonymous said...

perfect day! Love all of the pictures.. oo yum strawberries.. we went picking last week and had a blast! We didn't go to church either and I loved not being rushed!

jamjar said...

I smiled all the way through your posting!!! It looked and sounded like so much fun!!! Can't wait to hear about your back ordered gift!!! Strawberry picking?...now you're just being mean to the rest of us!!! Happy Tuesday!!!

meh said...

A Wonderful Dream kind of day...what a blessing!!

Gretchen said...

I love a pj day. And strawberries.
The perfect mix!!!

Becca @ My Crazy Good Life said...

48 hours??!!

Only 48 hours??!!

How am I supposed to have coffee with you during a 48 hour trip??!!!

Jen said...

I feel relaxed just reading your post! What a wonderful...no, glorious day you had!

Happy (belated) Mother's Day!!