Thursday, May 27, 2010

Sit Right Back and Hear a Tale

I am back from my first camping trip with the Girl Scouts.

There was rain, and thunder, and out-houses, and wet clothes, and all the things that make a great camp-out.

There were many adventures.

Take, for instance, this picture:

This would be me, in the Bogue Sound off of Emerald Isle, in murky water where real-live creatures live.

As in creatures of the scary kind: shrimp, pipe fish, and crabs as big as my face. Oh, I forgot to mention sting rays, and sometimes sharks...but only "little" sharks that don't eat suburban soccer moms who drive white mini-vans.

I made that last one up. Sharks actually can eat suburban soccer moms, but only when provoked by a big green net hungry.

Anyway, this picture was taken as I was fretting about what would happen if I fell in the water, rendering myself fish food, or worse, getting completely soaked. Seconds before, my eyebrows were furrowed in consternation. When I realized my photo was being taken I quickly gave my best I'm-not-worried-at-all-about-falling-in-crab-invested-waters smile.

But you know what?

I would do it all again. In a heart beat because....

The kids had a blast...

Playing in the surf...

And catching wildlife....

We all loved learning about marine life and the coast of this great state we have the privilege to call home.

It was a great way to start our summer vacation.

The only way this trip could be better is if I had a way to make the large mound of sea-smelling laundry disappear. Maybe next time.

***In the interest of due credit, all  photos in this post were taken by our troop leader, M. Lewis.


Anonymous said...

ooo what a wonderful camping trip! Looks like you guys had a lot of fun! I am totally cracking up about the story behind your picture!

Rachel said...

I know you scored BIG mom points for this! Way to go! Glad you survived the weather AND the sharks!!

Amber said...

Yep. Know the I'm-So-Terrified-I-Could-Chunk-A-Petrified-Pumpkin-At-Your-Head-Because-You-Are-Taking-My-Picture-Right-Now-But-I'm-Going-To-Smile-Like-I'm-Zena-the-Warrior-Princess pose very well.

Why do people do that?? I will never understand.

Tiffani said...

boys, I love them!! Yours is cracking me up with his crabby picture!

Sounds like a great beginning to summer indeed!

Gretchen said...

Great pics of all of you. Cool that the boy could go, as well. I remember playing with Stingrays once in Grand Cayman. So weird. And very cool. But VERY disconcerting, what with the whole s.t.i.n.g.e.r. and all. But I'd take them over snakes. ;)

Did you stay in cabins, yurts, or tents? Or Motel 6?

Becca @ My Crazy Good Life said...

What an adventure!!

I know you're hating it right now, but I really wish I could smell your sea-smelling laundry real quick before you wash it :)

Sandy said...

What fun! About the "quickly-changing-the-face-for-a-picture", I think it is the same reason that we try to sound all perky on the phone when someone calls after we've gone to sleep or wakes us up in the AM... I don't KNOW the reason!

Cathy said...

Not gonna lie. I'm a little upset that you can look that good while camping. Not in the "I don't like you cause you look that good" sense, but as in "I love you for looking that good, I'm just upset I can't look that good while camping".

But I'm not crabby about it.


mer@lifeat7000feet said...

I'm going to start calling you Kellie-the-Brave!

And I can totally see in your kids faces how much fun they were having. That's worth getting your brave on for! Glad you had fun. Even in the rain!