Friday, February 05, 2010

Checkin' In


Although its currently snowing outside (again) I'm getting ready to have 12 preteen girls over for Summer Camp.

Tomorrow is The Girls birthday party.

We are doing this Camp Mystery Party from DramaticFanatic.

Seriously, these parties are fun. My niece had one last summer and it was a BLAST!

So my blogging and blog reading is kind of on the back burner while I make a tent cake and try to make this house look like summer camp and not an igloo.

To my Safari Girls and my Read With Me girls I'm still reading and studying. I am here, just not writing about it this week.

I hope you are staying warm where you are, and that your weekend is fantastic!


The Lord Family said...

Ah!!! That cake!! So.adorable!

And, saw the cutest petit four recipe yesterday. They said, "oh, just use the fondant from Michaels". I sat here yelling at my screen, "NOOOOO! Use Coffee Gal's recipe!!"

love ya!

Tracey said...

Love the cake! Have a wonderful weekend...and Happy Birthday to your sweet girl!

Hang in there...Spring happens next month!

Gretchen said...

That does it. I'm sending J. to you for the next 2 years, so you can train her up in all the home making tasks which she is so desperately in need of mastering. She's not learning them here. :)

Have fun!

Candace said...

Your craftiness never ceases to amaze me.

Carpool Queen said...


Once again, I don't know why we are friends.

Oh, yes, I know I can come to your house and eat cake.

Tiffani said...

darlin' darlin' darlin'

sounds like super fun to me!!

Anonymous said...

wow - look at that. How creative! Just found your blog while searching for a dancing skirt to make for my 5 year old and I've joined because you look like so much fun and seem to share some of my passions. You go girl - hope the party is a huge hoot!

Sandy said...

What a fun party! Can't wait to hear more about it!

Becca @ My Crazy Good Life said...

Seriously? That's an edible cake? I looked at it for a while before scrolling down to figure it out, and it looks like cloth!!

Can I come to the party??

His Girl said...

just passed out from cute cake sighting.

can't comment.

so cute.

His Girl said...

ps: is that a PINTO BEAN fire ring?

*passes out again*


Anonymous said...

You did it again!! I bow to your mad crafting and cooking skillz!