Monday, February 22, 2010

Random..and maybe a bit off color


I needn't say more.

But I will.

The Monday after a weeks worth of vacation is bigger than the average bear. Much more difficult to fight.

So for today's post I give you five random points.

1. I am officially fasting from Girl Scouts cookies.  Actually, it will be easy. I think if I see another Thin Mint, I might hurl. And cookie season isn't quite half-way over. (As a side note: This aversion will pass. I have a long-time weakness for the Thin Mint, and my freezer is stocked.)

2. Tomorrow is Australia Day at Girl Scouts. I've been asked to bring my guitar and play Australian songs...So far I have Kookaburra and Waltzing Matilda (and can I just say I am so very glad for the internet? I've only known the chorus to that song, but as of this afternoon, I now know the verses (and tune!)) Caz, I would love your expertise here!

3. You may have noticed Gretchens beautiful raspberry hat in the pictures from Saturday.  The CarpoolQueen made one here, and then made another as a welcome-to-NC gift for Gretchen.

Not wanting to be left out of the Cool Hat Club I decided to make one too.

4. I made that hat while listening to Leviticus on The Bible Experience CD's. If you hear nothing else, please hear this....The Bible Experience is awesome. We received this as a gift from my sister-in-law several years ago and I have used it at least once a week, both for personal listening and for homeschooling.  If you are trying to read through the Bible in a Year and the book of Leviticus makes you want to stick a fork in your eye, the CD's a amazing....its worth the price just for Leviticus, but all the other books are so well done too!

So I got through Leviticus with a new hat to show for it...not a bad afternoon.

5. I mentioned that The Mister was in California last week for a work conference. Any time he goes away he will usually come home with a very large coffee cup for my collection. I look forward and anticipate this gift each time he comes home.

After he had been gone for five days, he walked in on Saturday night and handed me my present all wrapped with bubble wrap. He says, "It's not as big as I wanted it to be, but when I saw it I knew I had to get it... its given in all love and sincerity."

Still makes me giggle.


Gretchen said...

Okay... I need that pattern. Can't be the only one of the 3 of us who hasn't made that hat. DARLING!!!!

GS cookie fast? Our $4 boxes (all 5) arrived today. Can't do that one with you. Yet. ;)

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

Love the MUG!!!! And the hat. And you. Hope your Monday has improved. How could you not laugh drinking Monday morning (and afternoon) coffee out of that mug?

O Mom said...

Aren't the WIGGLES from Australia? They had some pretty fun songs. Although I am very glad to say we are done with that faze..
That cup? Too funny. Husbands sure know what's important.

Melissa said...

The hat is adorable. And the mug made me laugh :-)

Since I'm in the midst of Leviticus, I'm thinking that CD may be a good thing. Just this morning I was wondering if I could justify reading the entire Bible EXCEPT Leviticus. I know there's a reason it's in there...mostly to make me thankful I don't have to live under the sacrificial system, I guess.

Anonymous said...

Cute hat! Way to get through leviticus! The mug cracks me up!

stephanie j. said...

Love the cup. Love the hat. Love the Thin Mints far I have been completely self-controlled and haven't purchased even one box!!

Becca @ My Crazy Good Life said...

The mug is hilarious!

And I love the hat!! It was cold enough here to wear one today!!

Cathy said...

I would comment on other things but The Mug deserves a comment all it's own!

SO hilarous and SO appropriate from a husband to his wife.;)

LJ said...

Olivia Newton John had some Australian songs on an OLD album called "Don't Stop Believing" - I think! Good luck.

Tanya (In the Dailies) said...

Wow, I had a WHOLE DIFFERENT image in mind when y'all started tweeting about a "booty" mug. :)

Love the hat.

I may have to get The Bible Experience. That's the one with Denzel Washington - right?

Amy said...

AC/DC is Australian. Not helpful trivia, I'm sure. Love your hat!!! Knitting plus the audio Bible is a multitasker's dream! The mug makes me giggle, too.

Tiffani said...

do you know how desperately I am craving Thin Mints? I don't know a girl scout locally to purchase from so I wait until they are in front of Wal-Mart or wherever! They are always my birthday treat!!

You are too darlin' and I want us to get together so badly. It borders on downright WRONG that we've been friends for almost 2 years!

The mug is too funny. Totally from a husband kinda gift! ;)

Brandy said...

Love that mug!! That was a good laugh for this afternoon! thanks!

Amber said...


I went and showed The Husband and told him that if he ever found a mug like that then he had better buy it for me so that he could be like The Mister!!! ;)

Gretchen said...

LOVE the mug... love marriage humor!

Anonymous said...

Ahoy, matey!! Too funny.

Where is my Girl Scout with her cookies? She came to my door, I gave her my check, and I have no cookies!! I should have ordered from a NC Girl Scout.

His Girl said...