Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Hello Again

There really isn't anything better than coming home after an awesome weekend away. 

Of course I hadn't slept all weekend for all the talking, and then came home and had to do standardized testing with the kids. 

So, I'm sort of still recovering. 

My trip to Texas was a complete success. From m&m's to microbursts (what's a trip to Tornado Alley without some crazy weather?), and all people and places in between, I had a great time.

I'll do a top 10 to keep things brief.

10. Not freaking out (too much) when I realized that they had shut down all the major school districts for the swine flu.

9. Getting to see a large handful of friends.

8. Watching a Texas storm charge by while eating a yummy sandwich and laughing with the girls. (This was the same storm that twenty minutes later took down the Cowboys dome.)

7. Accidently shattering a bottle of nail polish on the floor while getting a pedicure (Ok, this wasn't all that "fun" but I DID get a pedicure!)

6. Visiting the church where my dear friend and her husband do ministry. The worship was awesome, and the sermon on Ecclesiastes 9 was excellent...and just what I needed to hear.

5. Being approached by a sweet gal in the lobby of that church who knew me as CoffeeGal. Actually, she came to a retreat MANY years ago where I led worship, and she sent me the sweetest note afterwards. I don't think we had ever met face to face, but when she gave me her name I absolutely remembered that note. Anyway, she and I ran into each other and she recognized me, and she's a reader. (Hi! A.U.!) That was very fun!

4. Central Market.  Really, y'all, that place makes me happy. Found a new coffee flavor: Mexican Chocolate. Oh, its good.

3. Drinking more Starbucks than I will ever admit...

2. Talking for hours in an amazing hotel room. 

1. Coming home to finished cabinets.

(I am not even kidding. 

The Mister worked his (oh-so-handsome) tail off this weekend. I think he got more done in the four days I was gone than we accomplished all week. The cabinets look great! Pictures to come!)

This, of course, is not the exhaustive list. However, I am exhausted just thinking about all I was able to cram into four days in Texas. 

Now I need to rest up. Why? Because three weeks from tomorrow I head out for a new destination, and a state I have never been to before. More details to come...

In the meantime, which state have you never been too, but would like to see?


Mary said...

I once spent 24 hours in Dallas with girlfriends and we crammed in so much. There was no sleep in that 24 hours. Just didn't have time to bother with sleep.

States to visit? I've hardly been anywhere so I'm picking 3. Colorado, New York and Alaska.

Carpool Queen said...

You wore the pink shirt!!!! And you look fabulous, dahling, fabulous!

I miss a good TX storm. My grandparents had a storm cellar and I loved to go in it. Somehow, the boys' closet just isn't as fun.

And the cabinets are done???? YAY!

Anonymous said...

oo sounds like a fabulous weekend! Glad you made it through all the testing!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Your plate has been full to overflowing! Sounds like a truly fun weekend. I'm glad you're home for a little while anyway. You were missed.

Tiffani said...

sounds like a GREAT time!!

You looked beautiful, as always!!

I went to a LOT of states as a child and saw great/historic things and really I want to go see those again!! But, I also want to go to California and see the Redwoods.

Gretchen said...

So glad you're back, and that you had fun, fun, fun.

Actually...I've never been to NC. Would love to visit. And there are others...most of the South, actually.

Jewel said...

So happy to see you back and on my reader list!

I think I'd like to see Texas after all the things you've listed. But I would really love to see the whole East Coast. Someday my husband and I want to rent a car and drive from Florida to Maine, preferably in the Fall.

Kristin said...

Well there are a lot of states that I'd like to go back to, but the ones I haven't ever been to are biggies! I want to visit but have never been to Alaska, Hawaii, Washington, or Oregon.

Sounds like your trip was lots of non-stop fun! It's great catching up with girlfriends, isn't it?

Unknown said...

Sounds like a perfect weekend - except perhaps the nail polish and the storm!

Anonymous said...

I have never been to the Mississippi River or anywhere west of it. Sad, I know. There are many states I've never visited that I would love to: Wyoming, California, Hawaii (of course!), Arizona and Colorado. Those are my top picks, I think, but I'd be happy to go anywhere.

I'm curious about where YOU'RE going!

really.truly said...

Hi there...I jumped over from Carpoolqueen's blog. Though, I think you know my friend Tiff too?
I've had fun looking around your blog a litte...I love your background color!
And, Mexican Chocolate coffee...drooling!!

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

Beautiful, beautiful picture of you, Kellie!

I am terrified of tornados!

My inlaws were just in Decatur, TX (north of the DFW area) and were telling me about all the schools closed for swine flu. Crazy. Crazy. Crazy.

I'm so glad you had fun!!!!!!

Alyssa said...

I'm just now catching up on my blog reading, and I can't believe I made your top 10 list! It was SO fun to meet you! Keep up the good work, Coffee Gal!