Friday, May 22, 2009

Confessions of a 36 Year Old Woman

Oh friends! Its Friday!!

But not only that, its a Friday before a long weekend! 

Not only that, its a Friday before a long weekend, and The Mister has the entire week off next week!

As if it couldn't get any better than that, this time next week I will be at meh's house, sipping coffee and enjoying time with my friend!  Yippee!

I have far too much energy for this early morning...I'm even annoying myself.

Today, I am going to give you some randomness:

First, I was reading The Lettered cottage (a blog I just LOVE to look at) on how the big forks and spoons have made their way back into home decorative style.  

Of course, not one to pass up a good fad (not really, I'm probably the least fad-ish person on the earth) I found myself wishing my mom and dad had saved the gigantic fork and spoon they had on our dining room wall for years! I am sure they are long gone. They have always kept up with decorative changes of  time.

Second, The Boy has been running a fever since Monday night. Honestly, I think he may have a touch of flu, but he's on the mend. Of course, on Monday evening when I went to take his temperature, our digital thermometer had a dead battery. 

Being super concerned about knowing what his fever was reading, but not wanting to run to the drugstore for new batteries, I dug around the depths of the bathroom cupboards and pulled out an old-time, old fashioned, thermometer. Yes, yes, one of those mercury filled ones that are horrible for the environment, and take F-O-R-E-V-E-R to get a temp.

As a matter of fact, The Boy, in his sad, sick state, was not happy that he had to hold this thing under his tongue for an entire four minutes

Oh the hardships suffered by kids these days.

I told him to buck-up. I then told him he was lucky. When I was a kid the only thermometers were the ones that were administered at the other end. And taking a temperature that way took at least two full hours.

Then, if my fever wasn't over 104.4 degrees, my mother would pat me on the head, tell me it was allergies, and send me off to school. 

Of course, I had to walk there in the scorching desert heat. 


Through a cacti field. 

Having to jump over snakes and scorpions. 

All this when I was just a tender-hearted first-grader.

To which he rolled his eyes, since he was not allowed to speak...cold air might ruin the accurate temp I was trying to acquire.

Sometimes being a mom can be so twisted-ly fun.

Speaking of thermometers (and mom, I apologize in advance)...when I was about 14 or 15 years old I broke a mercury thermometer on the living floor on the house we rented on Lurlene Drive. I desperately tried to clean up the mess, but it just kept disappearing into the carpet...It's probably good we moved.

All-righty, moving on. I am so excited because our big box of school supplies is coming today and I am VERY excited! (Could I find away to say excited one more time?)Although I was totally burned out on school last week, I LOVE to look at new books and get all my lesson plans and things organized. So I really want to get this posted and get my shtuff done around here so I can be ready when the package arrives!

Oh, and I have a hairapy appointment today...I going summer-short baby! Pictures to come.

But before you go! What are you doing this holiday weekend?

Happy Friday!


Carpool Queen said...

You're making me twitchy with all this activity. I am being slug-ish in the non-air conditioned house waiting on the A/C repairman.

The thermometer on the carpet thing made me laugh out loud.

Gretchen said...

I'll probably die of mercury poisoning,too. I broke a thermometer in the boiling water as a kid. My those silver bubbles were fascinating. Anyway...

Delighted for all your excited energy and enthusiasm. Getting an infusion from afar.

We're going to the beach house to paint and clean the decks and paint those, and weed. But hopefully, there'll be fort-building, eagle watching, water play, farmers' marketing, and no snakes.

Hope the boy is better soon!

really.truly said...

I love The Lettered Cottage!! So much that I was late for my husbands softball game because I was looking at all the amazing ideas! And, I saw the big fork/spoon at TJ Maxx..can you believe I passed them up?!

I just found a broken mercury thermometer at our house the other day...had to just let go of my worries of where that mercury went. Hope your son is feeling better.

And big box of school stuff...I'm giddy for you!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I've played with mercury thermometer balls in my lifetime as well. Sigh.

Michele said...

So funny! My story is a little different because I had to walk to school barefoot in the deep, deep snow uphill both ways!

lisa@littlesliceoflife said...

Would you believe that yesterday I passed up a giant fork and spoon at Hobby Lobby that was 66% off. What was I thinking?!

Lori said...

Great post! I have lots to comment on.

Re: thermometers: 2 hrs for a rectal temp? Lord, please don't ever make me have to go thru that!

Re: school - awesome! Thanks for the link - I'm thinking of HSing in a year and would love to hear about how you've liked that ciriculum.

Re: me HSing - I can't even spell the word cirriculum. Is that scary or what? I was even an English major...

Re: weekend - my husband has to work all weekend to get a project done, so we'll be celebrating Memorial Day next week. Hopefully...

Have a great weekend!

Amber said...

Wonder who moved into the mercury house after you?

Today was our last day of school, but I got very giddy when I got a fresh delivery of brand spankin' new crayons and pencils for next year!!! LOVE THAT!!!

Can't wait to see your hairapy results.

stephanie j. said...

Our first "big box" of HS stuff arrived today from Timberdoodle! Phonics Pathways, the BambinoLuk learning tool, and a big old tub of pattern blocks. Woo hoo!

Everytime I see a big fork or spoon on a wall I think of Marie Barrone's kitchen on "Everybody Loves Raymond". That just makes me laugh.

Farming On Faith said...

It sounds like you need to relax this Holiday weekend!

Tiffani said...

oh I am so excited for school stuff!!

I can "hear" your excitement about your happenings and it makes me smile..

Glad the Boy is getting better and the Mister is off..a BIG Yippee!!

JuJu's big recital is the weekend and lots of family time on the schedule!

Anonymous said...

I have a set of 5 giant spoons in my basement. I bought them on clearance from Pottery Barn, like, a year ago and still haven't hung them anywhere. We keep saying we're going to repaint the kitchen, but haven't done it yet. Kinda cool to know I'm sort of fad-y. :) (As opposed to "fatty.")

Anonymous said...

oo can't wait to see the hair :-).. I wish I could cut mine short but it would turn into a gigantic puff of hair! We went strawberry picking yesterday.. today we're getting the house clean. Tomorrow spending the day at the lake :-)

C D said...

My mom swears I bit the end of the thermometer off once... yes, the mercury kind. ;-) Took me to emergency and everything, where the doc said there wasn't enough in it to kill me... and the glass was more likely to cause damage.

Nothing happened. :-)