Saturday, July 05, 2008

The Good Times, They Keep Comin'

So y'all know we went to the water park with the kids on Thursday.

We had a great time and we got home in just enough time to send The Boy to Mrs. Moofish's house, and to bring her oldest here, for sleepovers.

Yesterday afternoon The Mister and I took the kids to my parents house where we dined on grilled meat, chicken, tortillas, beans, and a plethora of the best tasting watermelon I have had all season. There was swimming, water balloons and general water fun.

We left around 6:30 to get home so that we had time to shower and head up the road to the local Golf Club. I had checked their website several times and fireworks were to be at 8:30.

Luckily, we found a primo spot (on a hill) where the city has graded many acres of land to build a new grocery store. We found ourselves sitting among 8 (or so) other people waiting to see the fireworks that would take place in the valley.

Soon the street below us was lined with cars and people standing to view the display. 

A monsoon storm had passed through an hour or so earlier so the dust was at a minimum and the air was cool and fresh. 

We unloaded our chair and began to wait. 

At 8:45, THe Mister said, "Now that I think about it, I have never been to a fireworks display that has started on time."

At 9:00, The Girl said, "Did we miss it?"

At 9:15, The Boy was begging to go home.

At 9:30 I called the Golf Club, and they informed me that there wasn't gonna be a fireworks display this year (although they have done it every year, with the exception of the year it was too dry).

So we told the people who were parked on either side of us, packed up and went home.

When we got home I immediately checked the information I had found on the internet (because how dare they put info on the net that isn't CORRECT!)

Turns out the info I read was dated July 4, 2007.  

I tried to have a good attitude about it.

I like Fireworks. (Although everyone else in this house could give or take them.)

The good news?  My niece turns 11 today and The Girl and I both get to go to the party! Listen to how fun this party is going to be: First we will see a matinee of the Kit Kittredge: American Girl Movie, then we get to go to a fifties themed diner for lunch!

I love themed parties! It totally makes up for the lack of fireworks on the Fourth of July! I may be more excited about this party than anyone else!

La Vida Dulce!


Jackie said...

Bummer! I love fireworks, too, so I would have been disappointed. And I also would have completely misread "2007" as well. :)

The party sounds so fun...Enjoy!

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

Bummer about your fireworks display. Maybe that's one of those family things you guys will laugh about some day..."remember when mom got the dates wrong and we waited and waited and watied for the fireworks?" *smile*

Oh, your party sounds FUN! My daughter turns 10 next weekend, and we're going to see that movie with her cousins! She's mucho excited.

Rick said...

Kind of sad, kind of funny - sitting on a hill side waiting for fireworks to go off and no one was there to light the match.

Tanya said...

Bummer on the fireworks!! I always hate to miss them too. That party sounds like a blast, though! How fun.