Friday, June 06, 2008

Moonshine Minivan

I made a trip to Trader Joe's yesterday because 1001 people have been telling me I just had to go there.  Gals from the pool, to the salon, and of course on the internet, have been singing the praises of this tiny store that is cram-packed with organic goodness.  

I will personally be blaming Jo-Lynne of Musings of a Housewife for the new  Cheese Stick and Cinnamon Graham crackers vice, because she recommended them.  No doubt, since I just gave up a raging Diet Coke addiction, I was in need of a replacement.  Those two lovely snack items will suffice. 

All jokes aside (Jo-Lynne, ya know I love you like a blogger, right?) I went to TJ's to get some whole wheat pretzels and the TJ's brand of Wheat Thins.

I love Wheat Thins with sliced apple dipped in peanut butter for lunch, which I have already mentioned here before, and I was skeptical about changing my cracker (even with all the awful stuff they put in them), but the TJ brand is actually TASTIER!  

As a matter of fact I am having that same lunch today, except I had to replace my standard apple with a pear, because I have had an unfortunate incident this week that has made the inside of my mini-van smell as if I am attempting to make some homemade brew.

It all started on Monday when I ran to the Costco. Among other things I picked up a package of twelve large Fuji apples.  These apples are usually so tasty but when I got them home and started to put them in the fridge, the bottoms (the part you couldn't see in the package, were all brown and soggy. They were obviously very old.

I knew I was going into town on Wednesday so I put the apples back in the fridge with a note to remind me to take them back for a refund.

Wednesday morning started with a stressful hue, and in the process of getting out the door I placed those apples in a freezer tote bag I keep in my car for transporting frozen and cold stuff.  
The day continues to be a little crazy, and I sort of forgot those apples were in the bag.  Until just about 25 minutes ago, when I took The Girl to a friends house.  

Hence the pear with lunch today. 

Somehow I don't think I am going to get my money back.

Oh well~ 

Happy Friday!


mer said...

Kellie...I would give just about anything to shop at Trader Joe's. Apparently, there aren't any stores in Colorado because grocery stores here can't sell wine. Silly, huh?

The title of your post made me laugh out loud, but the images of rotten apples and the imagined smell made me feel terrible for you!

SB said...

also at TJ's: fruit leather. It will make you all giddy nibbling on it. And their olive is THE best and the cheapest around.

Darcie said...

My husband calls me the queen of returns for good reason. I bet they'd refund your $ for those apples no questions asked.

C D said...

marscapone cheese on TJ's cinammon graham crackers ~ with a little lemon curd or berry topping of your choice and you have you a wee cheesecake.


byebyepie said...

Now I wish I had a pear.

Their tamales are to die for, but they have 700,000 grams of fat.

Now I wish I had a Trader Joe's tamale.

spaghettipie said...

Well, I hear costco takes EVERYTHING back, so perhaps it's still worth a try!

Probably a good thing we don't have TJ's around here. Well, we have TJ around here, just not THAT TJ.

Janel said...

I heart Trader Joe's. Every single thing I buy from there is good. Every thing. I can't say I have bought one bad thing.

Whole wheat frozen lasgna - mmm.
Hummus - to die for.
White bean hummus - so good.
Coffee - great.
My kids love the milk.
Tissues - recycled and only 99 cents a box!
The cin raisin mini bagels my kids love love love!

I am so glad you made the trip!

Oh, your poor apples. I say try to return them anyway. YOu never know!

Megan said...

I love love love Trader Joe's. The closest one to me is 35 min. away so I only go if I'm on that side of town for something else. I can eat their graham crackers like nobody's busines.
Costco will definitely take your apples back. They take anything and don't even ask any questions.

Jennifer, Snapshot said...

They will give your money back, I think--even just with the receipt.

I bought a watermelon there once and cut it up and found it to be all mealy and gross. I didn't bring it back in--just the receipt and explanation.

O Mom said...

We do not have a Trader Joes near us and I sure miss the Honey Wheat pretzels!!