Friday, June 20, 2008

Because I Am Mushy Like That

My man has been out of town all week.

Goodness! I have missed him.

Back in the day when the kids were little I used to hate it when he left town, but it was different. 

I missed him, but I also missed his help.

Now that the kids are more self-sufficient I miss him even more!  I miss seeing him munch his cereal at the breakfast table. I miss teasing him about that old t-shirt he is always wearing around the house. I miss walking by him and giving his rear a little smack. I miss laughing and talking, and dreaming.  

I miss my friend.

For you young mom's (meaning Mom's with young children and babies) you are at that time in life when you are so physically busy that much of the conversation between you and your hubby is often just a passing of information. I want you to know it's get better!  Eventually the "physical" part of parenting eases up, the emotional part of parenting heightens a bit, but I don't believe you will be as physically tired as you are right now!

So now that I am not running around searching out sippy-cups and changing diapers, and making sure that someone isn't playing in the toilet, I have time to actually talk to my husband. I like to call it "conversate". The Mister always laughs at me when I use that word...

His flight arrives at 11:00am and I am very HOPEFUL that his flight will be on time. 

And that's why we make such great friends, cuz he's the sensible one, and I'm the dreamer.

Happy Friday!

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Lindsay said...

oo I can't wait for the day when I can have a conversation again.. Between a 13 month old, and 2 dogs we are always on the move. Glad your husband will be back soon!

Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

I LOVE reading about people who are not only married but also each others' best friend. It makes me feel so happy, especially since that is not always the case nowadays.

Hope your hubby gets back on time! :)

mer said...

I hope you have some time today/tonight to conversate with your best friend. You guys are too sweet!

I laughed out loud at your mention of smacking him on the rear. That happens at my house too! :)

And you're SO right about parenting not being as physcially demanding. I don't feel nearly as tired as I used to. There IS hope for all the tired mothers out there.

Megan O. said...

Thanks so much for the hope that there is a day in my future when my husband and I can be more focused on each other again. We're definitely in the stage right now that I'm more upset about him being gone because I need his help than because I just want his company. It's refreshing to hear this won't always be the case!

Michelle@Life with Three said...

I was so glad to read this! Sometimes I feel like I hardly manage a conversation with my husband. It's not that we don't want to talk with each other, but we're often like two ships passing in the night -- swapping kids as we head off to do the next thing on the list. I'm so glad to know it will get easier/better!