Thursday, June 19, 2008

Because I Firmly Believe in Child Labor


My car had not been washed on the outside since Spring 2007. 

That would be over a year ago.

My Dad has been making comments about my dirty car for almost six months.

But things? They have been busy. And a clean mini-van wasn't top priority.

The mini-van is actually white, although it's been looking pretty gray. 

I keep a tidy home. Those of you who know me in real life, that's the truth, right? 

But the car? Pretty much a trash pit. Those of you who know me in real life, that's the truth, right?

Have you ever seen this video? Yup. That's my car.

Fortunately, my kids have a love for washing the car when it's really hot outside, so they got the radio, and we cranked the tunes. 

For good measure we washed The Misters car too.

I also got the kids to clean out the inside and I washed the windows, and cleaned what they didn't get to.

You're probably worried about whether or not my kids have any fun, what with my being a slave driver and all.

Well here are a couple of pictures to show you how terribly they're suffering.

La Vida Dulce!


Lindsay said...

can you send your kids over to clean my car ;-) I dont really like cleaning the car when its just going to get dirty again :-P

Doodles said...

Looks like fun and a great idea I must try!! hehehe

mer said...

My house is usually always pretty neat, but my van is a disaster.

I went to see a movie and have dinner with some friends last night. I wasn't planning to drive but ended up being the one who did and I was horrified that they had to climb in my van. You better believe I'm going to clean it up asap!!! OR, I think I'll have my kids do it!

Chel said...

At Christmas, my section at work went to lunch together & I drove because I could fit the most people in my mama van. One of the folks in the back said something about being hungry & I told him to dig around... I was sure he could find something on the floor back there. :) We're pretty filthy in general. But we're loved, right?

Darcie said...

I *knew* there was a reason we get along! I'm all about the child labor. And I've got double the children to put to work. Imagine the work I could get done around here.

Love the action shots. Rough life those kids of yours have. First homemade mint chip ice cream and now this. Sheesh.

sari said...

Looks like a great day all around!

deborah said...

gee, I wish your kids lived nearby; they could team up with my kids and we could get them ALL in gear more often on the cars and minivans.

If it wasn't for rain, my van wouldn't see clean! maybe now that school is just about done (just 2 half days) they'l WANT to wash moms van. yeah