Monday, June 09, 2008

Because I'm a Child of the 80's

Well, actually I'm a child of the 70's, but it's the 80's that I remember the most.

And why, you ask, is this information relevant to this post?

Well, because I have been blogging for almost three years, and every single Monday when I sit down to post I want to name the title: Just Another Manic Monday.

Which, in the world of thirty-something female Bloggers, is probably the most unoriginal title I could come up with.  

Also, every single Monday I end up singing "just another manic Monday, wish it were a Sunday, cause that's my fun day. Just another manic Monday."

Other than that little bit of useless information I have absolutely nothing to tell you today. 

This Monday is actually turning out to be anything but manic. We went to swim practice and came home. I made lunch. The kids are watching a movie. I hope to eat my lunch (while writing this post), read all y'alls blogs, and then go watch the movie Waitress while folding laundry. Someone told me recently that Waitress was one of there top 10 favorite movies, which I thought was weird since I had never heard of it.  I hope it's good. If not, that's OK because any movie is good when your folding laundry. It's all about distraction my friends, it's all about distraction.

Speaking of movies, I have a certain 8 (and a half) year old girl who is such a talker during movies. It DRIVES ME TO THE POINT OF WANTING TO LISTEN TO DENTISTS DRILLING INTO TEETH FOR FUN.

You'd think it would be better with movies she has already seen 3978 times, but no. 

It isn't. 

As a matter of fact, let me do a little "live" blogging and write as I listen to the questions she asks her brother while they watch their movie:
Is that person that other person's friend? Is that animal gonna get hurt? Is she mad? What is she thinking? How come she is doing that? Is that person gonna cry? Why did she laugh? How come he just said that? Is she a bad guy? What is it? Is she gonna get killed? Is this a scary part? Did he take that from her? Can't they see those things? They don't know what that is? She doesn't like it? Why does she always wear pants?
All these questions within a 4 minute time span.

This started about a year ago and back then I considered pausing the movie and answering her questions, but we won't ever finish a movie if we do that. 

We have tried everything we know to keep her from asking questions during movies (with the exception of kicking her out of the family room or taping her mouth shut). But nothing has helped.  

I took them to a movie last week and the questioning didn't happen in the theater, so I know she is capable of zipping it. Is this a phase? A "girl" thing? Because my son didn't do this.

All right, that's enough writing from some one who had nothin' to say. 

I hope your Monday isn't manic.

La Vida Dulce!


spaghettipie said...

Okay, first. I think you did that on purpose so I would sing the song the REST OF THE DAY!

I'm really bad about asking questions during reality tv shows. But I'm much better during movies. Can she write her questions down instead?

Darcie said...

I don't think it's a girl thing necessarily, but I have one who does that too. It's not just during movies though. With her it's mindless chatter ALL. THE. TIME. Drives me nuts. I don't want to encourage it exactly, but if I ignore her then that's not nice at all.

mer said...

Oh yeah, Just Another Manic Monday. I think you should start titling all your posts with names of songs from the 80s. Hmmm...what about it???

The question thing cracks me up. My kids do it, but not as much as your daughter. I tell my youngest, "You'll just have to wait and see" or "Shhh...listen so you'll hear what they're saying" and 9 out of 10 times her question gets answered.

I LOVED Waitress. You'll have to tell me what you think about it. And how in the world do you get to watch movies during the daytime? My kids would be in my lap or on the bed or sofa beside me in a heartbeat!

Chel said...

I love that song! My husband and I sing all of the '80s songs we can remember... just to annoy our 9-year-old. Cheap entertainment. :)

C D said...

My mother would give me the look and threatened to never take me to a movie again if I asked a question during the movie.

She is now married to the most annoying movie-watcher EVER.

We were watching Crash, which, is s bunch of seemingly unrelated vignettes of events... and having watched movies like "Grand Canyon" and "Short Cuts" (by Robert Altman, weird man extra-ordinary), it (should be) is understood that eventually all will be revealed.

Larry's questions aren't as specific as the girl's:
"Who is that?
Do you know what is going on?
How are you keeping up with this?
Hey Rosie (the dog) - do YOU know what is going on?
Now who is that?
You following this?
I don't get it.
Do you get it?
How are you getting it?"

I refuse to watch movies with him unless he's already seen the movie and understands things perfectly. (!)

I'll have to write my own post about this, cuz it is funny. :D

Lesli said...

I liked Waitress, but I think it was interrupted by the end of naptime when I tried to watch it and I never finished.

I am 38 and am definitely a child of both the 70s and 80s. Love that song (which is also in my head, thanks!)

My husband loves to talk during the season finales of my shows when he hasn't watched it all season but wants to know who everyone is and what's been going on. UGH! Drives me nuts!
My 4 1/2 yr old daughter does it during storytimes. We read chapter books together (especially American Girl books) and right in the middle of a sentence she'll ask me a question. We've made a rule that she has to wait till I get to the end of the page then I'll pause for her questions. It's been working ok so far.

Kellie said...


I actually didn't get to watch the movie because The Girl asked me to play a Nancy Drew Game with her. I'm am going to try again today! I think i will definetly be able to get some time to myself when I offer to let them fold laundry with me! :)

Lesli! Welcome to La Vida Dulce! Thanks for stopping by!

To all who have been singing that "Monday" song...
I love it when I don't have to sing alone!

Tanya said...

Never heard of The Waitress. Was it good?

My daughter (4 years old) is like that while watching movies too. It drives me CRAZY!!! We haven't found a solution either. And knowing your daughter is still doing it at age 8 is not too encouraging for me. :) Although, maybe since mine started younger she'll end quicker?? A girl can hope - right?