Monday, September 17, 2007

Times a Tickin', Tickin' Away!


Where has September gone? How can it already be half over?

The Blog may be a bit slow these next few weeks. This is the last week of school before the kids are on a fall break until mid October. This week I am preparing for The Boy's birthday and getting ready to have them home with me, which I love. I thought I would take a some time to drink my smoothie-lunch and type away at ya.

If you get a chance you should mosey on over to Biding My Time and wish meh a happy birthday. He latest post is all about shoes, which is why we are friends! meh, Happy Birthday my friend. I wish I could come over and make you a big 'ole home made chocolate cake and sit right down and eat it with you!

Last week was teacher conferences for both the kids. I just love where the kids are going to school right now. As a side note, If you are a teacher out there in blogger-land, I appreciate you! You're job is not an easy one!

Here is one thing that is so weird about teacher conferences for me. I always feel weepy during them. Now, I don't get all blubbery and do the ugly cry or anything, as a matter of fact the teachers probably don't even know I feel this way, but I have to hold my emotions in a lot while they are talking about my kids. Both teachers had nice things to say about my kids. They also gave areas where both kids could work harder (because we will never lack areas in our lives where we can improve) which I appreciate and respect. Both The Girl and The Boy are doing well in school so I can't figure out where the emotions come from. In the past I thought perhaps it was nervousness, but this time I wasn't at all nervous. I have been working in the classrooms for a couple of months and I feel really comfortable with both teachers. Anyway, are any of you Mom's out there the same way? Or am I just the weirdest bird on the planet?

OK, time is a tickin'. This always happens to me. I think that the kids will start school and I will have all this time to do "stuff" and the next thing you know September is half way over and then it's Thanksgiving...and Christmas...and the New Year!!! AUUGHHH!!!

All right, lunch is over, have a Happy Monday!


Anonymous said...

Time does fly by! I was thinking about this very thing this morning, as the weather is beginning to turn cooler and September is nearly over. Before we know it, the rush of holidays will escort us from October through December and then it will be a new year! Crazy. Hold on tight!

Karen said...

Kellie, I'm not a mother, but I used to work with the first grader's in an elementary school. Every time they put on a performance I got that weepy thing. I always though it was something about not being able to have kids, but as I've gotten older I realized that it is a sort of a bittersweetness of joy over having been able to enjoy (and do well -- very rarely got praise as a child) something in my youth and sorrow over not being able to experience that time again.

Miss you! ~Karen (from Cornerstone)

Unknown said...


How are you?!!!!!

So good to hear from you!

I checked out your blog. What a great story, but ya need to feed your blog!