Friday, September 28, 2007

Friday Fun

I love those moments in parenting when something happens and all of a sudden your kids think you are really cool.

That happened two Fridays ago.

A couple years ago I wrote this post about the Friday song.

I have continued to sing that song over the years, especially to the kids as I walk into their rooms to wake them up on Friday mornings. Usually when I walk in the room The Boy looks at me with a bit of, I like that you do this, but I am going to act a bit like I don't.

The Girl likes it too, but being less of a morning person usually just covers her head with her quilt.

What I didn't know was that the radio station here still plays that song on Fridays! Normally in the morning I will put on a music CD because it gets the kids movin' and helps them get ready for school with a bit more hitch in their get-a-long, if you know what I mean. Last Friday around 7:15 I switched on the radio. I was getting lunches together when the Friday Song began to play.

The kids came running into the kitchen with wide eyes and crazy jumping, saying "That radio is playing YOUR Friday song!!!! How did they know YOUR Friday song?"