Monday, September 10, 2007

Weekend in Pictures

The Girl demonstrates how big and deep and shiny the new sink is!

The Mister and I start to tackle the "Honey-Do" list.
Here we are picking weeds.

I think you missed one!

Lenny got a new bowl while his other was being cleaned.
He doesn't like this bowl.
So he got his cookie-jar condominium back.

After chores, the kids got a little computer time.

The Girl says "Mom, I am not getting in that sink again."

Doing some laundry. While watching a movie.

Uno with The Mister.
The Girl won 6 games in a row.
Which is why I don't play very often.
It's very hard to win.

Rising Rolls.

All in all, a fantastic weekend!

La Vida Dulce


Anonymous said...

You just had to show those cinnamon rolls again, didn't you? Now I'm going to have to go throw a batch in the breadmaker. . .

Musings of a Housewife said...

Okay, a) that's a gorgeous kitchen. LOVE. and b) what time's breakfast? i'll be over with the coffee.