Thursday, September 06, 2007

Let's Lunch!

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I just got here from a doctors appointment. Whew! Getting established in a new town is so hard! But this is (almost) the last thing I have to do before we can finally feel rooted in this town. I still have to make an appointment for my dentist, but after that we can officially say we are settled.

I am grateful for health care. I know I say that after every appointment, but it's true. Unfortunately not everybody has good health care so I am thankful for it.

I am also thankful that, FINALLY!, after over a year, I have been referred to an allergist to find out why I am having chronic hives. Hopefully I am not allergic to chocolate or coffee, cuz I ain't given that up.

OK, so I am sitting hear typing, and eating, and I have to tell you that if you were in my home right now, eating the lunch pictured above, I would take the Wasa Crackers off your plate and throw them in the trash. Holy Moses! These things are terrible! It looks, and tastes, just like cardboard. I was trying to find a whole wheat cracker without trans-fats and I stumbled on these in the store. The package makes them sound and look so tasty. That was some false advertising.

Next time I will just make homemade biscuits, like I learned to make in NC...They may not be as healthy but, for heaven sake, life is too short to eat cardboard. Of course, maybe, if you put something on them, like a nice brie cheese, slightly melted, with apricot preserves, then perhaps they would be a little more palatable! Anything tastes good with warm brie cheese. MMMmmmm.....

When i visited the Doctor today I was kind of surprised by the number of really old people there. Like for a moment I thought I might be in the wrong office. "No," they said, "you're in the right place. Thanks for being early for your appointment."

I could've been there late. Although I arrived 15 minutes early to fill out the required paperwork, I STILL wasn't called back to a room until 40 minutes past my scheduled time. This drives me insane. I know, it's a short drive. But I just hate to sit in a waiting room full of hacking individuals who are obviously sicker than dogs. I just imagine the germs floating all over the place, just waiting to pounce on me and get me sick! OK, now you know what I nut I really am. Well, more of a germ phobe than a nut. (Quick sip of Passion ice tea.)

All right. I actually had a completely different post planned for today. But I have received two phone calls during this working lunch and now I have to go get those sweet kids of mine from school.

I know that most of you reading this are on a completely different time zone than I am, but whenever, and wherever, you read this, know that I loved having lunch with you! It was fun.

Let's do it again soon.

I'll bring the Wasa biscuits.


Anonymous said...

Can you believe that Gabe LOVES Wasa and takes two in his lunch to school everyday!?!

June Cutoff Cash said...

Have you tried Kashi crackers? I just love them and they are good for you!

And how do you make biscuits?

Unknown said...


I haven't tried the crackers yet, I will have to do that! And biscuits are actually super easy. I will email you a recipe that I enjoy and you can add "stuff" to them to make them even yummier!

Also, the New MT Dew is called Game Fuel and it is good! The Mister loves a Mt Dew, and he was very bummed because for a short time they made an orange Mt Dew that we should have bought by the case because they aren't making it anymore. Or at least they are selling it here where we are. Anyway, Game Fuel is a citrus flavor with a hint of cherry and it is yummy! I prefer the Diet Dew myself and hope they will come out with a Diet version since I don't like to drink my calories (unless it is in the form of glass of red wine or a margarita!). I prefer to EAT my calories in the form of something baked, with chocolate, and served with a side of ice cream, and if I am feeling frivolous, with some sprinkles, the multi-colored ones.

But back to the Dew. The Mister says he thinks it will be a limited edition type thing. So we might go stock up!

Musings of a Housewife said...

LOL! Wasa crackers are horrible.

I can relate to the whole health care thing. That was by far the hardest thing about moving to a new area 2 years ago.