Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Happiness is....

Have you ever seen the musical You're a Good Man Charlie Brown? It's one of my favorites. Do you remember this song?


Happiness is finding a pencil.
Sleeping in moon light.
Telling the time.
Happiness is learning to whistle.
Tying your shoe
For the very first time.
Happiness is playing the drum
In your own school band.
And happiness is walking hand in hand.

Happiness is two kinds of ice cream.
Knowing a secret.
Climbing a tree.
Happiness is five different crayons.
Catching a firefly.
Setting him free.
And happiness is being alone every now and then.
And happiness is coming home again.

Happiness is morning and evening,
Daytime and nighttime too.
For happiness is anyone and anything at all
That's loved by you.

Happiness is having a sister.
Sharing a sandwich.
Getting along.
Happiness is singing together
When day is through,
And happiness is those who sing with you.

Happiness is morning and evening,
Daytime and nighttime too.
For happiness is anyone and anything at all
That's loved by you.

In Fourth grade we sang this in the school choir. Sometimes, when I have moments of gratitude this song just pops in my head.

What I love about this song is that often it is the simple things in life that bring joy. In a world that says we must have what our heart desires, and have it now, I love this song that celebrates the "stuff" in life that can be overlooked and is so very important!

Tomorrow I will post my own list. Tell me, what makes you happy? If you want to post a list for yourself on your blog, go for it! Just let me know in the comments where I can find your list!

La Vida Dulce


spaghettipie said...

Your post reminds me of a book I flipped through at a friend's house. It was something like 100,000 things that make me happy. It came about from a lady who kept a journal and as she thought or experienced life, she jotted down those things which made her happy.

Anonymous said...

Kellie, I am blogging my list today too on Biding My Time! Things like terminal cancer in a loved one make this a great exercise in choosing joy and choosing optimism!

Lara said...

Christ Chapel Bible Church Womens' Prayer Overnight, A good book, good coffee, good friends, finding an old book I read as a child and loved at Half Price books in the dollar section, Sushi, cooking for friends, antiques, a rain storm, the beach when it isn't too cold, mountains (anytime any weather), an enlightening Bible study, Skip Hop and Wobble (my favorite CD), guitar music, traveling...wow this could go on and on and on! Ahh I almost forgot Hershey's Chocolate! :)