Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Thoughts of Fall

It's very strange to start school in mid-July.

When I send my kids to school I always start to think of fall things. There are recipes for fall foods to dig up and fall clothes to organize. There are crafts to make, Christmas gifts to think about and fall time activities to do. Oh! I am just itching to bake. Wait. That one never goes away. I should say I am just itching to bake fall breads, and pies, and cookies.

But wait...it's still summer.

I was looking at the Pottery Barn catalog again (Rats! That catalog!) and there is this beautiful throw blanket. Mmm! How I love me a cozy blanket. It's made like a sweater...I like sweaters, but a blanket made like a sweater? Now that's just de-lish!

I shouldn't be thinking about sweaters anyway, because I now live in the desert. I still have 4 months of shorts and flip flops left. Maybe more. I am going to love being warm this winter, but boy! am I going to miss The Covers.

Actually, I have cozy blankets out on the couch right now. I like to turn the ceiling fan on high and sit under my blanket. Anytime of year.

Yes... it's a strange feeling to feel like fall on the 31st of July.


Lara said...

YUP Pottery Barn is also both the bane and inspiration of my existance!