Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Last Week

This is the week that I always dread each year. The dreaded last week of summer vacation. Only this year it comes six weeks early. This time next week I will be feeling a bit lonely as I send The Girl and The Boy off to school.

I have packed this week with fun things to do with the kiddos. But it started with a little happy gift for myself: Dinner with Jen With One N and her family. It meant a lot to me that they stopped by to see me and the kids and the new house on route to their vacation destination. It was so fun to have her in my new home.

By the end of the week we will have finished swim team practices for the season. We will have played with cousins, gone to a water park, met the teachers, bought new school supplies, and seen a movie. We have 5 days left and i am trying to cram it all in.

We have also been taking the kids to the park nearly every evening because the rainy season has officially been declared, which means that it is humid by desert standards, but much, much cooler. For instance, today it only reached 99 degrees. Which may sound like a lot to some but it is almost frigid after two weeks of 112+ degrees. I know I am known for my powers of exaggeration...but trust me, there's a huge difference. One is tolerable. In the shade, almost pleasant. The other you can try at home by setting your oven to warm and then sitting in it. (OK, that was a joke, please don't sit in your oven.)

We have been walking to the park at night because it is so pleasant out side when the sunsets, and the added bonus is getting to watch the storms roll in with the fantastic lightening bouncing within the clouds.

This morning I got out earlier than usual and got to watch the sunrise. Which I love as much as the sunsets around here.

Until tomorrow...La Vida Dulce!

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Musings of a Housewife said...

Oh, those are gorgeous pictures! Thanks for sharing. I love a beautiful sunrise.