Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Random Poll- July

There are two songs that ALWAYS make me weepy.

I haven't been to a ball game or a birthday party without having to control my emotions.

Yup. The Star Spangled Banner and Happy Birthday will get me every time.

Tonight is the Championship Finals for the kids swim team. They always play the National Anthem before the start. I have been glad for my shades all season.

So what about you? What songs make you cry?


cdub said...

Sweet Jesus by Gary Chapman - I haven't heard this song in eons, but I can remember shedding some buckets anytime I'd hear it.

If I could expand the poll (can I?) to include movies, then I'd have to add:

1) Dances With Wolves (the part near the end where Kevin Costner is leaving camp and the tough-looking Indian guy, initially so resistant to the White Man, stands up on the cliff with fist pumped high and shouts down, "I AM 'WIND IN HIS HAIR! DON'T YOU KNOW THAT I AM YOUR FRIEND?")

2) Steal Magnolias (also near the end when Sally Field is in the cemetary with her ya-ya's after her daugther's funeral, her tough exterior disentegrates and she just starts BAWLING). I do, too.

Guaranteed blubber every time. Can't help myself.

Unknown said...


I'm with ya on Steel Magnolia's. That is probably my all time favorite movie!

Never seen Dancing with Wolves! So Iwill have to see it now!

Lara said...

It Is Well With My Soul and there is another one but it is not coming to me at the moment.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with Kellie on the Star Spangled Banner-gets me everytime. I even started choking up when I was telling my kids the words and what they meant this last 4th of July. I would also add Amazing Grace--whew! Still remember you singing it at our wedding, Kellie!
Steel Magnolias was the first movie I actually sobbed at. There have been several movies where tears were falling, but that is one of the first where it was an all out cry! Also the movie Return to Me with Minnie Driver--soo good!

Unknown said...

Dana! So glad to hear you! Havne't seen Return to Me! So I will have to rent that one for sure.

Lara, the song that makes you cry is so amazing that you can't remember it? That's what I love about you. it's also why we have to talk so often...cause I know you'd forget me if we didn't!


Anonymous said...

How about a book?
Just finished the book "My Sisters Keeper" on audiotape in my car.
Several times during the book,it brought tears to my eyes but the ending was -a uncontrolable sobbing as I drove down Broadway.I kept thinking how am I going to explain this when the cop stops me. Its heartbreaking yet there is hope. A really excellent read(or listen)

Unknown said...

Oooh! I will have to borrow!