Monday, July 09, 2007


I do love visitors, and the La Vida Dulce home has had a plethora in the last 10 days.

As you know, last week we had Lara and Co., then on Saturday we had a surprise visit from our brother-in-law from PA. Tonight I have another sweet freind, Jen With One N, and her family coming over for dinner as they travel across the desert. I love getting to see the Gals. One by one my Texas Gals swinging by...ah summer! (all you other Texas gal's...that was a paid political announcement!).

So I was taking a break from dinner preparations to log in and tell you that we had an adventure last night that was a especially exciting for The Girl. Actually, it was terrifying, but not quite as bad as the Yellow Jacket adventures in the Smokies that happened this time last year.

We had heard from a few of the nieghbors that during the rainy season the male tarantula's love to come out and look for mates. And last night after the sun went down we went for a nice walk to the neighborhood park. On our way home we inerrupted one large spiders' plans for a big evening out in the desert. The Girl almost stepped on it and in the process freaked out...just a bit. The Mister was forced to carry her all the way home. Secretly, I kind of wished someone could carry me too!

In all honestly, it freaked me out a bit and made me realize that we live in an area that is still fairly wild. We have seen coyotes, owls, bats (they were flying all around us last night), and prairie dogs (that are pretty cute). I am just hoping that I never run into a snake while we are here. I have been a bit scared about snakes since we got here. Especially since my parents' neighbor found one IN THE HOUSE.

So these are the latest adventures of the La Vida Dulce household.

Company can come and stay...Critters cannot.