Thursday, July 19, 2007

Junk Food

The first week of school has gone seamlessly which is really awesome! The kids are enjoying their new school and all seems to be going well.

I am still trying to figure out the New Schedule and haven't come up with a consistent blogging time yet! But, I was surfing some sites on fitness and stumbled upon this fun questionnaire. For those who love personality profiles, this one's for you: What kind of junk food are you?

I will reveal my profile in the comments section. I would love to know what junk food you are, so reveal your junk-food self!

La Vida Dulce!


Unknown said...

I'm Chocolate Cake!

But since when is Chocolate Cake junk food? I thought chocolate was supposed to be good for you! :)

Lara said...

It said I was chocolate cake but I'm really a La Vida Dulce with Vanilla Sweetner!

Anonymous said...

Interesting....I'm chocolate cake, too. K2

Anonymous said...

Okay -- first time I was a hamburger, then I went back and checked all of the answers I almost chose the first time and came out chocolate cake, too. Just had to fit in??
I think I must just be conflicted!

Anonymous said...

oops -- that was supposed to be K1

Unknown said...

I think you are conflicted because you are not sure of who you are. I know you sometimes have memory "issues". This actually might be an oldest sibling problem. I often forget who I am too. So don't feel too bad! ;)

K8..I mean 4

Anonymous said...

I think its fixes-chocolate cake

cdub said...

i'm a chocolate cake, which is funny since i generally don't care for chocolate unless it's in the form of an oreo.


Unknown said...


How did I not know this about you? That is SHOCKING! Not caring for chocolate.

I must have decided that we could still be be freinds since you like coffee....or it could be you just being TOTALLY fun while we run around the hotel at that women's retreat (after midnight) in our pj's and slippers like we weren't two 30 year old gals.

Anonymous said...

Rats, I am a hamburger but I really wanted to be chocolate cake and not because everyone else is but because I absolutely adore chocolate cake. Shoot!!! So does this mean that deep down I don't really like myself? HMMM!!