Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Weight Watchers: Week 1

I have a British BFF, who once spoke truth in my life. "Kellie," she said, "the problem with chronically talented people is that so much comes very easily for them, so when hard things come, perhaps they give up too quickly."

She is right, of course. I think of her gentle words of truth often- usually when I'm about to give something up in frustration. That little bit of wisdom has helped me to teachable and learn new things. It has been the catalyst on many project to give it another go.

This week I thought about this nearly everyday.

The first two days were excellent, a WW honeymoon of sorts. The third day I was hungry. Sticking to 26 daily points (with 49 extra weekly points + activity points) was difficult if I didn't eat fruits and veg ('free' foods) between meals. I was trying to save those extra weekly points for the weekend.

However the weekend came and that conservative point control was to my benefit when I could have pizza AND ice cream with my family without being anxious about "messing up" the whole week.

Monday and Tuesday went well, mostly because weigh in was today.

So I'm down two.

And honestly, at first I was disappointed. But The Mister reminded me that this isn't a crash diet, this isn't a starve yourself for ten days with an unhealthy mind and harm to the body. This is a good start, and exactly what it should have been. Of course, I knew this, but old habits die hard.

So what have I learned this week?

- even twelve little pounds will take hard work, and when difficulties come, not to be so quick to think of giving up

- the flesh will cry out like a malnourished child, and often the best way to quiet her is with a cup of tea and lots of prayer.

- freedom doesn't come from restriction or excess, it comes from having a plan and following it through

On to Week 2!

*I don't know how many people still come to La Vida Dulce from my TrueCampaign and FindingBalance posts in the past, but I want to clarify a few things: I am writing about this part of my journey (using WW as a tool) in the interest of full disclosure. One of the many trademarks of food and body issues is keeping our weight gain/loss secret... thinking we can hide or handle these issues on our own. I know this is not true and want to be open and honest with those of you who have come here for encouragement in the past and still struggle. - kla


Gretchen said...

Love this!!! Well done on the two & following thru!

Cathy said...

Good job!

The hubs and i just started WW this week...however i have way more then you to lose.;)

Here's to a healthy lifestyle!

Cathy said...

Good job!

The hubs and i just started WW this week...however i have way more then you to lose.;)

Here's to a healthy lifestyle!

LJ said...

Sometimes those 26 points look like 2. I'm feeling your pain. Make the Garden Veggie soup in your "Get Started" guide. It really helps me. Thanks for your full disclosure! Proud of you sister.