Wednesday, January 02, 2013

New Year Chatter


It's here. The reality of 2013. It was pretty hard to roll out of bed this cold and rainy morning knowing that this day brings the dreaded post holiday work-out and return to normal activities. Normally I'm pretty ready for routine, but this year it all went so fast.

I made very few resolutions, but blogging more often is one of them. My Christmas gift this year might help the cause.

The Mister bought it for me so I could have a hobby... since I don't have many of those. But I feel I have been given a new baby. I cannot wait to name her.

Since she arrived in the mail, I have been reading, searching, and watching all about f-stops, aperture, lighting and a lot of other numbers that make no sense at all. Everything is backwards and foreign, but I'm learning, and love it.

I've only had her for about 5 days, and already the people who live with me are poking fun. I think its quite amazing that all those little numbers and dials can take a photo like this: focus on the tea pot...

Compared to this one: focus on the cup and creamer.

It's AMAZING to me. Consider this post fair warning: your in for a lot of photo viewing from one very amateur picture taker.

The good news about this camera is that it will not only benefit our family photo album (and this blog) but it will lend to my health as well. When you are hefting a seven pound camera up to your face, your bound to gain some muscle.

Speaking of health... I've done something today that I am sure many people will do: I joined Weight Watchers. This year, for the first time in a long time, my weight management skillz have been lacking. I gained 12+ pounds. I decided to take advantage of the free sign-up over at WW and get rid of them before they multiply exponentially. Will keep you posted on how it goes!

The year wrapped up perfectly this year. Among positive answers to some big prayers here in the Little Yellow House on the Hill we had friends stay with us for the weekend. This was our second annual New Years Reunion and we had a blast. Its amazing to me that this family, who has really grown up with ours, continues to be such a blessing to us. All six kids get along well and genuinely enjoy each other. And the adults? Well, we were dreaming a little bit about future days when the New Year celebrations might be to vacation together in places beyond our four walls.  But I think talk like that was just to ease the squeeze of our hearts as we looked around table and gazed into the faces of children already grown. The truth is we like being all together. All ten of us.


Tanya said...

AAAH!!! I am so excited about your camera!! I know I went totally nutso when I first got mine. They're just too fun.

I am also happy to hear about your joyful holidays. I pray your 2013 is filled with fun adventures in God's wonder and loving kindness.

Tracey said...

I'm all about photos on the blog. Except mine come from the auto setting..still trying to find time to learn to take pix on the manual setting. Maybe this year!!

No worries about the 12..and don't blame your weight management turned 40 AND had an interesting year...I would consider 12 to be a blessing. With that said..Weight Watchers is a GREAT program. I've heard it's the best out there.

Looking forward to your new photo hobby! Happy New Year!

Lindsay said...

Love seeing you back on the the blog!! Your Christmas present is awesome!! I am 'trying' to learn all about f-stops, aperture, etc. Good luck my friend.. I know we will need it :-)

Such The Spot said...

A fun new toy *and* a fun weekend with friends? Blessed indeed :)