Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Weather Pendulum

18 days ago. Shorts and Tshirts.

11 days ago

9 days ago. 

4 days ago.

The Mister sliding clear into the woods across the street.

Sliding down our hill on particle board (aka, the desert rat's sled)

Today the skies are dark, the air warm and humid; there is talk of tornados as evening comes.
By the weekend we will be back to parkas and mittens and hot beverages by the pot. 

I'm grateful for the tastes of spring in the midst of winter. 
Thankful for snow in dusty doses.
 Happy for ice that lasted long enough. 
Content today, even though the storms may come. 
For who knows what tomorrow may bring... Proverbs 27:1


Cathy said...

Ha! Definitely TEMPeramental weather you're having.:)

Cute tea cozy!