Friday, January 11, 2013

Candlelight and Coffee Cups

It's raining this morning, making the house dark. But we've  brought a few candles out for a breakfast treat. The Girl asked if I was going to photoshop the crumbs out. Nah... crumbs are a daily part of my life, so I'll keep them.

This is a crocus bulb I bought at the grocery for $1.99 on impulse two weeks ago. Every day it looks like it has grown by inches. Every morning I look forward to seeing how tall it has become.

This week, while waiting on my pre-algebra student to work out some math problems, I entertained  my self by catching steam.

This weekend is a big weekend for me. I am in charge of getting all the cookie orders entered and ordered for 70 Girl Scouts. I am not the best with numbers so I am throwing out the wing, and doing this job on a prayer and a prayer.

Happy Friday!