Tuesday, January 01, 2013



and twelve.
Little seeds planted.
Moments and days both
sweetness and light;
mixed with
difficulty and sorrow:
in relationships
broken and mended;
in health,
lost and gained;
in words,
spoken and held.
At times
tucked under wing to rest, 
'til strong enough to fly.
My heart, 
a mixture of moments:
dripping with gratitude,
and heavy with concern...
Hard choices, led to joy.
Broken roads, led to hope.
Crusty heart, pushed to soften.
Forgiving others, being forgiven.
It did not unfold as I had planned,
    but as it should be...

He makes all things beautiful. 
He also set eternity in the human heart; 
yet no one can fathom what God has done from beginning to end.*

In all these,
little seeds, 
Gifts of
joy and sorrow, 
planted in season, 
will not lend 
certainty to tomorrow.
But will focus 
my heart,
my mind,
my eyes,
on Him 
who is not bound to this day.
He has a plan, 
and it is good.
This year He set
little seeds of eternity
in this 

May these seeds 
bring Him glory.

*Ecclesiastes 3:11