Thursday, January 03, 2013


Daisy eating apple treats.
Once a week The Girl and I head out to Bright Star Stables, a non-profit organization "giving riders with disabilities a place to learn to become effective and competitive equestrians." It's a pretty special place.

Each week we get to turn the horses out (taking them from the barn to pasture) and then we muck stalls and sweep floors. What we do there isn't much, but what we take away is immeasurable.


This week we talked of thirteenth-birthdays and dreams of the future. We debated which horse was our favorite ( I have a hard time pinning just one down.) We laughed at Cooper, who greats us happily each week, and later come to the barn and inspects each stall. We can't decide if he feels his "inspections" are rancher dog duty, or if it just gives him a reason to come and say 'hi.' Either way, we enjoy his visits. These mornings at Bright Star have opened up new ways for The Girl and I to communicate and serve and be together.

When we arrived this week, we were surprised by Daisy, a new horse who has come to rest at Bright Star... kind of like us. Yes, we're shoveling and sweeping, but we always leave refreshed. I don't know if its the country air, those sweet horses, or that we are learning something new, but I love every moment spent in that barn.


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful way to serve together! I want to pet one of those pretty horses! Sammy loves dogs and cats and I have thought about volunteering at the SPCA with him.

Such The Spot said...

This gives me the warm fuzzies. How long have you and the girl been doing this?