Friday, February 17, 2012

Mid-Winter (almost spring!) Break

I told myself I wouldn't take pictures of the green things this spring, but this morning I was out with my camera before I knew what hit me.
The tulip plant was an impulse buy when I was at Trader joe's this week. But at $2.49 i couldn't resist. (I'm sensing a theme here.)
It rained all day yesterday and it was just enough to perk everything up. When I woke up and opened the blinds, there was a definite, but ever so slight, hue of newly sprung green.

I love green.

The daffodils bloomed just in time to get a long steady shower. This morning their petals were heavy with dew.
I love waking up each morning to see what new bit of earth has decided to wake up.
As if the signs of spring weren't enough to make this heart feel content, it is also the eve of our mid-winter break. The Mister will be home all next week, so we decided to close school too. This is the great part of having started our school year in July. We won't travel or plan anything big, but I think we'll get some seedlings started and get the garden beds ready. It will be nice to relax.
In preparation I did a big clean-up yesterday. I had a bunch of papers and notes all cluttered and piled in different parts of the house. So as I cleaned each room I picked up all the piles and placed them on the kitchen table. When I was finished I headed to the table...the dreaded task put off to the end.

As is the usual case, the anticipated dread was far worse than the task, and in just a few minutes I had everything sorted and put away.

For a long time I have needed a place to keep important "to do" projects kept in a central location... otherwise I forget them. I scrounged through some homeschooling organizational supplies and found this hanging file pocket I wasn't using.

So now I have a little organizer in my kitchen to keep things like Bed Bath and Beyond coupons (do you know they honor even outdated coupons?), Girl Scout Cookie business, and correspondence that needs to be addressed within this week. The Girl immediately put this system to use by attaching a note for me: she needs picture of her dad and I for a project.
So now I can relax and begin our mid-winter break.
Happy Friday!