Monday, February 20, 2012

When Life Hands You A Cold, Make An Afghan

Winter has been so mild this year. I was sure we wouldn't see snow.
I was wrong, we got some last night. And it is my favorite kind of snow: briefly beautiful with its quiet falling and glittery way, and gone by noon.

This was the view from my favorite spot on the front steps.
I didn't stay out long. The truth is I managed to catch the bug that has systematically made its way through every person in this house. It's just a respiratory virus, but it's enough to make moving about uncomfortable.
So I made the best of a Sunday at home with some yarn and a lot of TV.
I put a good dent in the Dahlia Throw. I had originally Thought I would do the borders of each square in white, but the contrast was too stark and I didn't like it. I switched to sage green, and I love the way it is coming together.

I have had a couple inquiries regarding this project:
1.) What pattern are you using?
2.) Why/Who are you making this (for)?
The pattern I'm using is from the Mar/Apr 2012 Crochet Today magazine. I am not using the colors suggested in the pattern, but am trying to use my stash.

The answer to the second question isn't as definitive. Being flower obsessed, I was so excited I could hardly read the pattern when the magazine first arrived in the mail. I don't really need another afghan but I simply could not resist...

As I crochet I keep thinking about what I will do with it, but in the end all the things I make find homes. It might take awhile, but they eventually find their rightful owner.

After dealing in sage green for hours, I needed a break. So I picked up a light pink yarn, called Sea Shell. My cousin had a little girl last week so I made this hat and will soon place a Camellia and some leaves on the side.

I would like to make a pair of shoes to go with it, but it seems I may have found my crochet kryptonite. This is my fifth attempt at shoe making since I began to crochet two years ago, and seriously, little shoes are not my forte.

All right, time to start some laundry and then sit down for awhile!

I hope that you are well (and warm) where ever you are!


Gretchen said...

You amaze me.

Lara said...

You are more productive sick than most people are well! Love the pink! What brand of yarn is that?

Jenster said...

What Gretchen said. It's beautiful and if you just can't find the right home for it down in your neck of the woods, I know a place a little farther north that it would fit in perfecty. Just sayin'. :)

Tracey said...

Maybe, one day, we can sit, drink coffee, and work on afghans until there's nothing more to talk about!

Love all your projects!!

Lara said...

You inspired me...I bought the pattern and i'm working on my own dahlia throw right now! :) Mine is Teal, Orange, Cream and Brown...its going in my livingroom over the back of my brown loveseat.