Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Gluten Free

I've had a few inquiries about my Gluten-Free Pinterest board.

I know that some of you are readers who found me years ago through the True Campaign. Those of you who know me in real life, or are long time readers, will remember my issue in the past with disordered eating. If you are one of those dear friends (or are a current friend who is struggling), please know that this is not a new fad-diet I've put myself on. I am not trying to lose weight by cutting out wheat. I do not believe wheat makes us fat. I do not believe eating gluten free will make us skinny. (Pictured above is a delicious brownie I made this week. Definitely a high sugar/fat treat, gluten-free nonetheless!)

However, in the interest of full disclosure (and an answer to those who are concerned) we do have other issues. I have had chronic uticaria and dermographism (hives) for almost ten years. I am currently on three different antihistamines. Thankfully, medical tests have shown that I do not have an autoimmune disease, but (perhaps) a histamine intolerance.

Unfortunately, for this carb loving girl, wheat is high in histamines (along with a lot of other foods!) and so I am choosing to eat as close to gluten- free as possible.

My son is also eating gluten-free due to stomach issues he has struggled with all his life (he would prefer I keep his personal biz off the blog). So we are trying to cut out wheat and high histamine/fructose foods together. We find ourselves eating a LOT of veggies, non-wheat whole grains, lean meats, and legumes these days. Its a challenge, but we extend ourselves a lot of grace.

Sometimes, when the need arises or we decide a stomach ache and itchiness is worth the meal, we eat what is set before us. Thankfully, our issues aren't celiac or any other medical condition that would require us to treat wheat as poison. That would be so hard. My heart goes out to those who really cannot have wheat because to their bodies it IS poison, and makes them very ill.

So, that is the story of my Gluten-Free Pinterest board (that ironically, consists mostly of sugary baked goods: once a carb eater, always a carb eater.).

I am uncertain who still reads this blog from those days when I shared how God mercifully carried me through years of eating disorder, but I am acutely aware that you may still be stopping by. I am also aware that there are young people (including my children and their friends) who occasionally click over.

"Going gluten free" is a trend right now that many people are trying out to promote better health and weight loss. This is not the case for me, which is why I hadn't mentioned it until now. However I DO realize that in this day of social media, anything I pin, tweet, comment or write is public domain. Your questions are always welcome.

I don't know that I will write much about this change in our diet for several reasons: 1)I want to be sensitive to the care and keeping of the La Vida family's privacy, 2) I don't want to cause anyone who may be struggling with eating issues to stumble, 3) There are MANY gluten-free websites and blogs that can share with greater depth and interest that I can. "Diet" is not an area I want to over-focus, in life or on the blog. 4) Food is such a personal thing... It stirs so much in us, both wonderful and difficult!

For these reasons, I may not be posting much about this (other than a recipe or two), but you are welcome to follow my Pinterest board!

Happy Wednesday!