Thursday, February 16, 2012

$4.00 Sunshine (And Other Things That Make Me Smile)

~I had planned to run in 'real quick' for some spinach, but I was drawn to the floral department. Stop and smell the roses, I heard myself think... though it wasn't the roses that called me.

Their faces were brown and orangey-yellow, as if having stored sunshine for this particular winter day. I bought a bundle for less than a five note and carried them, happy, out into the grey morning.

Now they live in my dining room, on a walnut table sprinkled with crumbs from last night's dinner. It is there they sit, in the center-place of my family's life, adding an extra measure of beauty to an already full and lively home.

~I've been making dahlias over the last few weeks, deliberately trying to slow down and enjoy The Process of instead of focusing on The Finish.

I've only a few more purple flowers left before I get to pick up the green yarn and make these rounds into squares.

Those who know me would tell you that, second only to my coffee mug collection, is my water bottle collection. Several years ago I got rid of all H2O bottles that contained BPA, which greatly decreased my water vessels. Recently I bought a lifefactory glass water bottle and I love it. My only complaint is that it only holds 22oz, which means I am refilling. A lot. Oh, and I really wanted the pink one, but green was all they had...

I finally broke down and bought a key board for my iPad. Why didn't I do this before? I love my iPad, but the touch screen typing did nothing for my already lacking typing skills. Now I can get my emails, comments and blog posts done in less time and with only half the typos.

For years The Mister has expressed a desire for a reading pillow commonly called a husband. I call it ugly, which is why I have been reticent to buy one.

I finally came to my senses.

This man, exceedingly generous with me and easily content with a twenty-dollar pillow, was being denied. I found a pillow in a neutral color and gave it to him for Christmas. It made him happy.

In a great turn of events, I recently used said pillow as a means of propping when I sat in bed one morning to read. It was in this moment that I realized the pillow was... nice.

Not wanting to reveal my enjoyment of the 'ugly pillow', I continued to used it each morning in secret. Until one day I failed to hide the evidence that sat on my side of the bed.

Upon acknowledgment (but not quite admittance) I acquiesced the pillow might be considered useful, perhaps even comfortable, but still unattractive.

The Mister, being a man of true character, stopped short of crying thievery, but was seriously tried later that evening.

He, desiring to lounge upon the pillow himself, found it occupied and asked, "Isn't that my pillow?"

Not wanting my pride to be broken, nor my personal pillow procurement to be exposed, I simply replied, "You shouldn't leave things on my side of the bed."

My tactical trickery didn't work. He quickly took possession of his property.

I may be making a trip to the store (very soon) to make a match set.


CPQ said...

I am laughing about the husband. Both of them.

Gretchen said...

I love your writing, Kel. You make me smile. And, like CPQ, above, I'm laughing about the Husbands. I would never laugh at you, though--since I would do that very deed and act indignant when questioned. Platernal. ;)

Anonymous said...

Love those flowers.. the real ones so bright and cheerful and the yarn ones.. so bright and cheerful ;-) hmm could be a problem for you to have 3 husbands in bed.. some might frown upon that.:-P I too have a water bottle collection.. I keep searching for the perfect one for me.. then I can rid myself of all the others.. but the search continues :-)

O Mom said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks they are ugly...and are they really called a husband? Now they're weird and ugly. But now that you have one and soon two, I feel bad calling them ugly. I'm sure the cuteness of the rest of your house totally overpowers any of their ugliness.

Tracey said...

You had me at dahlias.

I'm drooling over what you have planned..can't wait!